River cruising in Montenegro and Bosnia
10. Feb 2017.

Some would even say: “relaxed excitement”This witty name sums it all up. If you wish to relax, cruising is there. If you long for the excitement and stepping out of the everyday routine, cruising is there. And if you wish to go to the most beautiful parts of our God-given exciting nature during vacation, cruising is there! Looks like we already wrapped up the whole blog. Doesn’t it?

Essential canyoning equipment and gear for canyoning in every canyon
10. Feb 2017.

Equipment is an essential part of every adrenaline sport and extreme nature adventure. As you can see, canyoning fits perfectly in that description, so you can guess that there is some special set of gear and equipment used for canyoning adventures. And you’re right!

Reasons to go hiking in nature
10. Feb 2017.

Hiking is one of the oldest and yet so refreshingly new sport activities that became widely popular since the turn of the century. There are many reasons why that actually happened.

Useful horse riding tips - beginners guide to horse riding
10. Feb 2017.

Ok, above anything else, before we even start to give other advices about horse riding, we got to tell you - be prepared for some „serious“ muscle soreness. Horse riding can be a very demanding physical activity, especially if you’re a beginner. Without any wish to scare some of you with all that muscle stiffness, you should know what to expect.

Rafting with children safety, is it ok?
10. Feb 2017.

Find out if whitewater rafting with children is safe enough, and when should you bring your kid on a adventure like rafting in Montenegro.