Why should you try hunting and fishing in Montenegro
10. Feb 2017.

Hunting and fishing are often the main reasons why some people travel all across the World. Passionate hunters can’t wait for hunting season to start so that they could gather again and go in the wilderness for some new experiences and simple rest. Often they get bored by the usual terrain and nature surroundings, so they decide to travel around the World for new species and locations.

Rafting techniques and rules useful for rafting beginners
10. Feb 2017.

White water rafting isn't hard. Ok, it’s not a piece of cake, but you should know that a few basic rafting techniques and moves are almost enough to deal with any possible obstacles you can encounter during rafting tour. These, and following your guides instructions. But let’s begin with our quick tour about rafting moves and techniques you should (maybe) know.

River cruising in Montenegro and Bosnia
10. Feb 2017.

Some would even say: “relaxed excitement”This witty name sums it all up. If you wish to relax, cruising is there. If you long for the excitement and stepping out of the everyday routine, cruising is there. And if you wish to go to the most beautiful parts of our God-given exciting nature during vacation, cruising is there! Looks like we already wrapped up the whole blog. Doesn’t it?

Essential canyoning equipment and gear for canyoning in every canyon
10. Feb 2017.

Equipment is an essential part of every adrenaline sport and extreme nature adventure. As you can see, canyoning fits perfectly in that description, so you can guess that there is some special set of gear and equipment used for canyoning adventures. And you’re right!

Reasons to go hiking in nature
10. Feb 2017.

Hiking is one of the oldest and yet so refreshingly new sport activities that became widely popular since the turn of the century. There are many reasons why that actually happened.