What is IRF license and why are IRF licensed rafting guides important
10. Feb 2017.

If you ever wondered what is IRF license and why is it important that rafting club has licensed rafting guides, here are the answers. Let's begin with safety.

The most important canyoning techniques you should know
10. Feb 2017.

These are the most important canyoning techniques which you need to know if you decide to experiene extreme canyoning adventure.

Why you should try horse riding in the mountains of Montenegro
10. Feb 2017.

Horse riding is a little bit forgotten nature activity but an inspiring and beautiful one! Once upon a time horses were the only method of transportation besides walking. No matter if we rode horses or they pulled carriages, horses were essential. But don’t think that just because people nowadays use a different kind of horsepower that they’re not important anymore! That’s simply not true.

Is Zip line safe - zip line on djurdjevica tara Bridge
10. Feb 2017.

We already wrote about how and why zip-line is such a great adventure for anyone who wishes to experience something new and get some thrills from sliding across great depths and bridging wide open spaces.

Why should you try hunting and fishing in Montenegro
10. Feb 2017.

Hunting and fishing are often the main reasons why some people travel all across the World. Passionate hunters can’t wait for hunting season to start so that they could gather again and go in the wilderness for some new experiences and simple rest. Often they get bored by the usual terrain and nature surroundings, so they decide to travel around the World for new species and locations.