TARASPORT excursions are free of charge activities that we use to bring closer long history and interesting tradition of Balkan. Beside magnificent and various natural beauties, this area abounds numerous historical monuments from different eras, beautiful cities, famous bridges, architectural engravings and religious objects that are the best to testify about stormy past of Balkan.

Every civilisation that stayed on these areas, left its own traces and marks, and through various monuments and cultural sights, they are preserved through centuries and through stories of a guide they are carried from one generation to another.

Numerous sites, for which you can choose in order to discover more about the origin and the past of places where we live, will leave you breathless like they have done for tourists all over the world. Here’s what you can see.

Activity description: 
Excursions and historical attractions you can see

There is much that you can see in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. These are some of the attractions and possible excursions:

  • The tour of Ostrog monastery and Pivski monasteries
  • The tour through the vineyards and city of Trebinje,
  • The trip to Andric city and Visegrad
  • Visit Sarajevo.
sightseeing excursion montenegro and bosnia
Sarajevo and spirit of old Bosnia

For one day, experience this lively city, enjoy the charm of old shops and little pubs, which carry the atmosphere of old Bosnia, walk through Baščaršija and try widely famous kebabs and a coffee from cute coffee cups called fildzan. This interesting trip, as well as our other arrangements can fit in your holiday and you can take advantage of the opportunity to explore all the charms of the Bosnian capital.

sightseeing sarajevo bascarsija old town
Trebinje and diverse cultures


The oldest inhabitants of Trebinje were the Illyrians, after them Greeks, and in the third century before Christ, it was inhabited by the Romans. Each of these nations has left part of their culture as a legacy, thanks to which this city is now considered to be one of the most beautiful cities. It is only 27 km from Dubrovnik and 38 km from Herceg Novi.

sightseeing trebinje bosnia
Visegrad and Andricgrad

For one day, experience Visegrad and Andricgrad that inspired so many books and stories. Enjoy the magic of old shops and little pubs that invoke you with their spirit and uniqueness.

sightseeing visegrad andricgrad
Piva and Ostrog monasteries

Ostrog Monastery is considered the most important and most sacred cities of Orthodox pilgrims, but it is visited by people of different faiths. It is located in Montenegro around Danilovgrad and is known as a place where miracles happen under the protection of St. Vasilije of Ostrog.

sightseeing ostrog monastery beer