Hiking and Trekking - Durmitor NP & Sutjeska NP


Conquering the highest of the highest mountain peaks, hanging out with other fellow adventurers, fresh mountain air and enjoying in natural beauties you don’t get to see every day, gives you the energy you really need! Hiking develops your resourcefulness, courage, and endurance which are formed by overcoming natural and personal obstacles. All of that and more is what you can get with our mountaineering - hiking and trekking tours, which can easily become your lifestyle.

This is why regions of Old Herzegovina (Foča) and Northern Montenegro are so interesting! Here, you can find a long variety of mountains formed by the Dinar mountain range. Our region has not one, but two large national parks: Durmitor and Sutjeska. The region of Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina is home to the last remaining rainforest Perućica, mountains Maglić, Zelengora, Volujak and Ljubišnja with many natural attractions like Skakavac Waterfall, glacial lakes, wild water sources, rich forests and green meadows, various caves, and unforgettable canyons of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Active vacation is our specialty, and it seems that many of our guests from all around the world share the same opinion. TaraSport is famous for its mountain climbing, hiking and trekking tours which usually vary in intensity, distance and route difficulty. For difficult tours, mountaineering can be demanding so prior physical fitness and special equipment might be needed. For easy tours, it is not the case and previous experience or special physical abilities are not required.

Our mountaineering tours don't include accommodation, so feel free to ask our booking agents to extend your reservation with one or two nights at our base camp, Outdoor resort TaraSport - meeting new people and resting after the tour will make your adventure more fun and enjoyable!

Every visitor can find a tour suitable for them, so contact us at info@tarasportrafting.com to book your tour. You can also reach us at +387 61 321 220 - we use Viber and WhatsApp!

Activity description: 
What is Hiking?

When you’re not having the best day, often you might find yourself saying “I'll just walk it off.”. And most of the time that is a piece of great advice. Now, think about a whole day of walking with the surreal mountain scenery ahead of you. In short - this is hiking. Hiking is a great way to explore the hidden gems of nature. Just like trekking, it includes mountaineering equipment precisely developed for long walks, physical exercise, exploring and enjoying dreamy scenery.

Even though hiking might be physically demanding, actually it is considered an easier and shorter activity tour here at Tarasport. Hiking is actually walking through the well-known routes and tracks which someone already conquered and marked. Hiking trails are easier and more reachable with other methods of transport and are usually located closer to the roads, which means that you are safe if for any reason you decide to come back and need some help.

This is why hiking routes are fit for everyone who wishes to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery, and those who long for excitement and sense sharpening. This is a great way to discover hidden lakes, and to look, smell and feel those beautiful greeny meadows - a perfect excuse to spend a weekend in nature and refresh yourself for new battles.

For whom is trekking intended?

If you are in love with “the roads less traveled”, wilderness and adrenaline, and you like to overcome any obstacle you can encounter, while you push yourself to the limits - then trekking is your nature adventure! Trekking is a type of demanding, multi-day walking mountaineering tour through less explored and unpredictable mountain routes without a defined goal. It is meant for people with a lot of nature, mountaineering and exploring experience, and good physical condition of course.

Trekking tours in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina are organized by the mentorship of our experienced mountaineering guides. They will help you to explore inaccessible mountainous regions.

Fighting with nature, sleeping in the tents under the starry sky after demanding physical effort, mountain sounds, and smellscold water, breathtaking panoramic views - all of this and much more is trekking!
Nature can be rewarding for the bravest ones, which means that you’ll need to look for the gems hard enough that you deserve to find them. Exceptional body strength, muscles, and bones, clear lungs, healthy heart, positive thoughts, zero levels of stress, calmness and new look on life are the things you’ll take home after you experience trekking in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Equipment for hiking and trekking

Equipment used for hiking and trekking is very similar, with few differences. For example, trekking routes are long and unpredictable, therefore you need to make sure your safe at all times. The best way to achieve this goal is to prepare all of the necessary equipment for hiking and trekking.

If you chose a one-day hiking tour through mountain ranges you need to have: hiking boots, water reserve, mountaineering stick, compass, day backpack, sun protection lotion, bug spray.

Trekking routes take place in hidden roads full of surprises and can last for a couple of days or even weeks, this is why you need full trekking and camping equipment and nature survival kit. A lot of clothing layers, first aid, and medication. We are waiting for you, to explore wild routes together!

You must’ve heard of the old saying “Throw your watch and buy a compass, for what is time if the direction is wrong”.