Multiday Tours


Have you ever asked yourself what a perfect vacation looks like? Do you always expect something more from your vacation, but you never seem to get it? You get tired of seascapes and you are in need of a good adrenaline adventure? We have great news for you. At Outdoor resort TaraSport, we came up with multiday tours that will satisfy the taste of the pickiest guests who wish more from their vacation.

Here is how we see a quality spent time: endless greenery of untouched nature, scents of mountain herbs, crystal clear rivers and lakes, steep cliffs, mountain peaks from which the view extends over a fairytale-like scenery, vast pastures, glittering waterfalls, mysterious caves and canyons, and besides that, picturesque accommodation, friendly hosts, mingling, adventure, laughter, and great food. And so day after day, we push the boundaries, investigate hidden pearls of nature, oppose the fear and enjoy, completely left to nature.

If you wish to do something different or have a more then usual summer vacation, TaraSport can offer you a wide range of mixed multiday tour adventures. If you want to recharge your adrenaline in the untouched wilderness, and you wish to spend beautiful moments in magical nature scenery with your family and friends, we suggest you some of these tours:

  • rafting on Tara river
  • canyoning
  • hiking and trekking
  • nature and cave exploring
  • river cruising
  • expeditions and survival tours

You may choose one our of our amazing multiday tour, or you may contact us at, so we can help you design your own multiday tour. Here's why multiday tours are so fun!

Activity description: 
Family vacation, city break or team building

A relaxing family vacation, a city break to escape from your work, a simple social gathering with your friends, team building in nature or just a few days of unforgettable adrenaline adventures... among our multi-day arrangements, everyone can find something for themselves.

Under the guidance of experienced TaraSport guides, conquer the sparkling rapids of Tara and Drina river, explore the mysterious Nevidio Canyon, climb to the highest peaks of BiH and Montenegro, ride on the Durmitor and Zelengora hills and take a look at its mountain lakes, dive into the only European rainforest and enjoy nature forever.

multiday tours city break
Cool-off your summer vacation

Our activities can be just what's missing to make your vacation the best ever! Outdoor resort TaraSport is located near the Montenegrin and Croatian coasts, so you can easily cool down with the fresh mountain air, fast mountain rivers, and spice up with some of the extreme adventures.

Also, from all our activities, in agreement with us, you can choose those that appeal to your desires and create your holiday exactly how you like it, in order to experience a personal mountain fairytale.

multiday tours city break
Double the doze of Adrenaline!

If you are a serious adrenaline addict, and you can not do without extreme sports, do not miss the rafting of wild rivers, the conquest of the mysterious Nevidio canyon and exciting trekking on wild areas.

Fill your lungs with pure oxygen, albums with photos, and your soul with unforgettable memories at TaraSport.

multiday tours city break