Tara Accommodation - Lux Bungalows and Apartments [Brand NEW]

Outdoor Resort TaraSport


  • 11 Bungalows with bathrooms
  • 7 Apartments with bathrooms
  • 60 Beds
  • 150 Restaurant and terrace capacity

Located in the magnificent area between the National park Durmitor and the National park Sutjeska, Outdoor resort TaraSport provides services of accommodation and traditional Balkan meals for all guests, big and small, who join us on our adventures. Looking upon the turquoise Drina river and emerald green mountains, the resort is the perfect place for true nature lovers. Our owners, big adventure seekers, said that their vision was to make Outdoor resort TaraSport the perfect blend between a high-end resort and an outdoor campsite, which is why they created and furnished everything as if they were building their own home, with love.


Built in 2019, our brand new resort is equipped with eleven bungalow, ideal for couples and families, and additional four apartments with 4 beds and three apartments with 6 beds available for larger families and groups. All units are called after a mountain or a river, in honor of the local environment, to show our respect. The interior of the bungalow and apartments is modern and yet simple, allowing you to relax when you are inside and yet inspiring you to spend your time outside, connecting with the great outdoors.

Having your own private bathroom makes your stay even comfortable, which is why we provided that luxury for all our guests staying with us.


The impressive wooden construction of the TaraSport restaurant makes you feel safe and welcome. This is the place where all guests gather as one, as a TaraSport family - having a meal, meeting new people, playing board games or cards etc. While sitting at the table you can hear the birds’ song blending with the laughter of our guests and you can feel the lovely breeze bringing fresh earthy scents in the restaurant, mixing with the aroma of your meal.

When you step out on the terase, rising around 20 meters above the Drina river, the view gives you a new perspective and has you appreciate Mother Nature’s creations a bit more. We have prepared some deck-chairs here, for you to enjoy and rest in the sun.



The first thing that you see when you arrive at the resort are two parking lots - one for cars and buses on your left, and one for campers and RVs on your right, with plug-ins for water and electricity. Bicycles and motorbikes can park on the lot, as well. Walking down the stone path you can see the bungalow where our guests stay and the courts for volleyball, football and basketball, and a children’s playground for the young ones. The green grass in front of you is for children to run on and where guests with tents can set up their fortress. On the bottom of the pathway is our spacious restaurant, which can serve up to 150 people, extended with a terrace overlooking the breathtaking scenery. For our guests we provide free WiFi. Parking is also free of charge, covered with video surveillance to keep your vehicles safe.

Let us to help you with the directions

Our resort lies between the Drina river and the M18 road. The nearest border crossing with Montenegro is Scepan polje, just 2 km from us. The drive from Sarajevo to our place is 1.30 hours long, from Zabljak around 2 hours and at least 3,5 to 4 hours of driving from the coast of Montenegro and the southern coast of Croatia. Keep in mind that the camp is in the nature, so if you need to go to the supermarket or to a pharmacy, the closest town is 20 km from us, called Foca.

You can use Google maps to find us  https://goo.gl/maps/qazhs32WzRjo6uEr7  or  GPS coordinate  43.362508, 18.809503