Horse Riding


Have you ever, as a child, wanted to have your own horse?

For all of you that haven’t had that dream come true, and you still dream of riding a horse through vast green landscapes, we organize exciting horse riding tours in Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina through National Parks Durmitor and Sutjeska respectively, accompanied by experienced instructors from TARASPORT. Now you have the opportunity to live your fairytale for one day.

Conquering the mountain is challenging by itself, but investigating of mountain beauties by riding a horse through forests, pastures, near the wild springs and rivers, really is a memory that you will cherish forever. For people that like relaxing in untouched nature, there is no better fun than to gather their families and revive the old, a little bit forgotten adventure through mountain landscapes.

According to some researches, horse riding was the only mean of transport for a very long time - people have been riding horses for over 6000 years!

Activity description: 
Horses - Noble Animals

The friendship of men and horses originates from before 2000 BC. Before, horses were a status symbol and any family that owned horses was considered wealthy. They helped in field works, the brave generals rode on their backs, and their beauty was shown off to all visitors during parades. Because of their looks, long mane, and rich thick tails, horses have always been a thing for admiration, and passionate lovers of horses have always asserted their intelligence and loyalty.

The positive effect of horses on human health was detected a long time ago, which is why people conceived a special kind of medical treatment - hippotherapy. Movements of a horse are similar to humans, the body of a horse is warmer, and its pulse is lower than human’s, which gives remarkable therapy results. So, if you wish to have stronger muscles, proper posture, greater durability, and even better circulation, concentration and attention, our riding tours are an ideal fit.

On top of everything, add the beneficial effect of fresh mountain air, unspoiled wild nature and socializing filled with laughter, and you’ll get the perfect day.

horse riding noble animals
Riding liberates and gives a new look at nature

You, in a saddle on a tame horse, surrounded with vast greenery of forests and flowery pastures, fresh mountain breeze and warm sunrays on your face, clear mountain rivers, and magical canyons. In short, this is how one day of riding in wild nature looks when we organize it.

Even though it seems like the rider does nothing, comfortably settled on the horse’s wide back, the truth is a little different. That’s something you will realize soon enough. Riding activates even the most disadvantaged muscle groups, and already the day later you will feel muscles that you even didn’t know you had. Horse riding is a great fitness, as much for the mind as it is for the body.

You will improve your form, strengthen muscles and burn calories. An hour of riding has the same effect as 30 minutes of running or riding a bicycle.

horse riding nature
Who can ride with TaraSport?

A stay in nature in clean air, in good company, gives a feeling of enjoyment and relieves stress like rarely any activity. Riding improves trust between the animal and the rider, rises empathy and self-confidence.

You don’t need any previous experience. With our skilled instructor, basic techniques of riding can be mastered very fast. And then, just anyone can enjoy this fun adventure. We sincerely recommend you to take your children on this tour.

horse riding who can ride