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One of our many activities in nature is commercial hunting in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We can arrange for you hunting in the best hunting grounds, wether you're looking for big or small game. We can offer you the best guides and accommodation of your own choice. Just give us your requests and we will make sure to make your hunt with Tarasport succesful and unforgettable.

It is our duty to help you upon whole organization and your stay with us during hunting arrangement.

We're located in the south-eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We can offer hunting in the hunting grounds of Maglic mountain managed by SG Maglic Foca, which is spread over 80.000 ha and hunting grounds Zelengora, managed by National park Sutjeska, spread over 53.700 ha.

Hunting grounds of Bosnia are categorized as mountainous open grounds with very developed relief. Our hunting grounds and paths are equipped with high ambushes and check points. Here, you will find amazing examples of bears. chamois, wolfs, does, rabbits, wild boars, marten, fox, wild cats and badgers.

When we're talking about birds, you can hunt for: black grouse, golden eagle, patridge, falcon, crossbill,griffon vulture and others.

To all our guests we wish you a clear sight!

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Hunting rules in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro

Shot of game can be realised upon concluded arrangement which guarantees that all terms of price list for shooting game is accepted with prior approval of guide. Tax price for self indulged shooting of the game will be double charged upon estimated game value.

It is not allowed to hunt deer rifle, which receives more than two bullets and semi-automatic rifle that is not reduced to two shots.

Trophys are evaluated according to the formula of the International Council for the preservation of wildlife and hunting. (CIC)

For every trophy you will receive trophy certificate and trophy by CIC star awarded medals (gold, silver, bronze).

Trophy of killed animal belongs to the hunter.

The price of high kill game hunting does not include the price of meat.

Daily organizational fee includes: the organization of hunting, hunting entrance, a professional guide, use of facilities and hunting trophies for transportation.

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Weapon and ammunition for hunting animals
  • Bears – Rifle with insulating tubes. Caliber 7 mm or more. Grain weight of 11g and more.
  • Chamois – Rifle with insulating tubes. Caliber 6,2 mm x 51mm and more. Grain weight 6g and more.
  • Roe deer – Rifle with insulating tubes. Caliber 5,6 mm x 41mm and more. Grain weight of 3.5 g or more.
  • Wild boar – rifle with insulating tubes. Caliber 7mm and more. Grain weight 9g and more.
  • Shotgun using ammunition (Brenneke or ideal).
  • Capercaillie – Rifle insulating tubes. Caliber 5.6 mm. Grain weight of 2.6 g or more.
  • Shotgun using ammunition meal 4mm and more.
  • Partridge – shotgun with ammunition upotebu meal 3mm and more.
  • Quail – shotgun using ammunition with shotgun pellets 2.5 mm, and more.
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Rules of entering Bosnia and Herzegovina with weapon

Entering Bosnia and Herzegovina with weapon isn't difficult:

  • Hunter can bring 2 rifles at most.
  • Hunter can bring 40 bullets at most.

Needed information for application are: First name, last name, passport number, hunter license, weapn caring approval and description of your weapon (brand, caliber, serial number).

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