Mountain Biking


Mountain biking is an extreme sport where we cross on special bicycles the so-called off-road routes, inaccessible hills and mountainous terrains full of ups and downs, forest trails and meadows.

Since it was founded in the 19th century, the bike is a popular means of transportation for most people, and cycling is also an official Olympic sport. However, for real adrenalin junkies and lovers of wild nature, the unique experience is represented by increasingly popular mountain biking and especially mountain biking in Montenegro.

Mountain bikes are adapted to these conditions and have wider tires with studs, special brakes and shock absorbers on both wheels. Everything that is needed to come down the steep slopes of Durmitor and Sutjeska National Parks. TaraSport Mountain bike tours in National Park Durmitor and National Park Sutjeska will give you the opportunity to fully experience the authentic mountain landscapes of great beauty.

Check out why mountain biking in Montenegro is right for you and where the TARASPORT mountain bike tours can take you.

Activity description: 
What does mountain biking in Montenegro and Bosnia mean to us

If you're wondering whether mountain biking is for you, here’s a little help:

  • Mountain biking is research, entertainment, pure enjoyment, laughter, dusty return to childhood and maybe some paddling, why not?
  • Mountain biking is an escape from the traffic jams on the mountain roads surrounded by woods.
  • Mountain biking is ideal for the development of personal skills and pushing your own boundaries, but also for socializing with friends, colleagues, and family.
  • Cycling in mountain areas is a great workout in nature because it activates your muscles, it burns calories, improves mood, strengthens the heart and mental health.
mountain biking
Mountain biking in Durmitor National Park

If you are a fan of cycling, the Mountain biking Durmitor tour may meet the required dose of recreation in an already-planned vacation, weekend hiking adventure or a part of the mosaic of our tours for you to create your own holiday at our camp.

Durmitor biking adventure will keep you fully focused and fill you up with motivation and positive energy. It is an overall amazing experience.

mountain biking national park durmitor
Mountain biking in Sutjeska National Park

National Park Sutjeska is a wide mountainous area on the border of Bosnia, Herzegovina and Montenegro, and 66% of the park consists of forests. With professional guides of TARASPORT, through an authentic experience, you will have the opportunity to experience the endless fairytale-like green, bare land, lakes, meadows, and pastures.

This tour can be a one-day cycling adventure if you are already on holiday or part of an active holiday at our camp which is shaped by your wishes.

mountain biking national park sutjeska