Canyoning Nevidio & Hrcavka


Canyoning is an extreme sport activity that involves passing through inhospitable canyons combined with overcoming natural obstacles (waterfalls, natural pools, narrow rocky paths) formed by fast mountain rivers. These mountain gorges are calling all adrenaline and nature junkies.

Inventors of canyoning were speleologists and alpinists, cave and mountain lovers. Canyoning is simple and especially attractive among adrenaline adventure junkies, because it’s carried by foot, without boats and it combines various types of skills:

  • Navigation
  • Climbing
  • Abseiling with or without rope
  • Walking through shallow, cold water
  • Diving
  • Jumping of cliffs and natural waterfalls
  • Sliding between narrow and steep rocky canyon walls etc.

From the basic canyoning equipment, we’ll use:

  • Ropes
  • Helmets
  • Safety harness
  • Wedges
  • Neoprene waterproof suits and boots.

Canyoning in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina is the reason why we love rafting adventure so much. We can combine these two.

So that you could feel the excitement and enjoyment from Tarasport canyoning adventures in Montenegro or Bosnia, you’ll need some physical fitness. Canyoning is among those sports where danger can wait around the corner. Still, for a couple of decades, with proper use of modern equipment and professional guidance almost anyone can afford himself to take a peek at hidden gorges. With experienced Tarasport guides, all risks are eliminated so that you can safely enjoy in rocky sculptures, ice cold waterfalls, sparkling dazzles and unique wildlife.

Canyoning is challenge, team adventure and fun!
Once you conquer canyon Nevidio in Montenegro, or Hrcavka canyon in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you’ll be addicted to this dynamic sport! Here’s why.

Activity description: 
This is why you won’t be able to live without canyoning

Canyoning is an extreme adventure that is becoming popular with the speed of light all around the world. There’s only a few different adventures that can mix danger, fun and excitement so well like canyoning can.

Fighting against rocks, fast ice cold water and your own fears! Nature can be rewarding to those without a fear, which means that you’ll find nature landscapes and scenery you couldn’t even imagine. Blue whirls, waterfalls and unique rocky sculptures. Neoprene suits are protecting you from the ice cold water, so you won’t be held down of fun and adventure.

Exploration of mysterious canyons is a great psycho-physical training. It’s making you stronger, gives you self confidence boost and erases all stress. Day spent with fun descent and climbing on the rocky cliffs is a day well spent. Explore new, hidden terrains and conquer the wilderness with Tarasport!

Canyon Nevidio in Montenegro

Riskier the canyon - stronger the excitement! This is a great description for adrenaline rush you’ll feel once you enter canyon Nevidio (medium difficulty) in central region of Montenegro. Nevidio canyon is the last conquered canyon in Europe. It is 3,5 km long with height of 400 meters, many waterfalls and river whirlpools. It is a dream come true for all canyoning enthusiasts.

This jewel of nature is part of Mala Komarnica river. This river runs through Nevidio canyon and at one point it completely disappears below the rocky walls. Conquering the canyon Nevidio will definitely overshadow any other adrenaline tour that Tara river can offer you. Beware, excitement comes in waves!

Hrcavka Canyon in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hrcavka river rises in wooded landscapes of the eastern side of mountain Zelengora, and continues its downstream through the narrow canyon which joins the Sutjeska river. Wild Hrcavka canyon is 13 km long and it is a true treat for canyoning lovers.

With professional guidance of Tarasport’s licensed guides you can enjoy an unforgettable mixture of extreme sport, a little risk and fun. Experience the craziest sliding through narrow gorges (sometimes just 0.5 - 1 m wide), diving, jumping of cliffs and swimming in crystal clear mountain water.