Canyoning - Hrcavka canyon

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  • Open season: May 1st - October 15th
  • Tour difficulty: medium
  • Scheduled departures: every day

Feel the taste of real adrenaline adventure.

Select an adventure in nature and move your limits through our canyoning tour through Hrcavka canyon. The explosion of positive feeling that you will carry with you for a long time will come out of wits with wild obstacles that only nature knows how to create.

Hrcavka River originates in the wooded areas of the eastern slopes of the mountain massif Zelengora and continues its flow through a narrow canyon. In addition to secure leadership of licensed and experienced guides of TARASPORT team, if you have physical readiness and certain skills and you can enjoy a surreal blend of sport, risks and opportunities.

If you are longing for adventure and want to experience something that you haven't experienced yet, test your courage and strength and book yourself an arrangement that will surely fill your every cell with adrenaline. Did you know that a few hours of canyoning can replace most difficult days of physical exercises in the gym?

Contact us at and take a bite of this life adventure, TARASPORT and Hrčavka River Canyon are waiting for you.

  • Previous experience is not necessary
  • The minimum number of participants for the implementation of the arrangement is 4 people or you can join an existing group
  • For group visits, you get a discount  of 10 %
  • The maximum number of participants is 8 per guide
  • Timetable  in the description of the arrangement is not fixed and may vary depending on the wishes and needs of our guests
  • This arrangement can be combined or extended with other arrangements from our offer.


Tour Length : 
Price Includes: 
  • Canyoning activity, one meal, all necessary equipment (neoprene suit, neoprene boots, helmet, life jacket, anorak, waterproof bags, safety ropes)
  • Licensed canyoning guide
  • Taxes for NP Sutjeska
  • Transport in our vehicles during the entire period of the arrangement
  • Free parking for your vehicles in our base camp
  • Free Full HD footage taken of your tour with Go Pro cameras
Price Doesn't Include: 
  • Tourist tax ( 0.5 EUR per day)
  • Insurance during the arrangement which is 1 EUR per day
  • Additional services that are not defined in the arrangement

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