5 facts about canyoning you should know

5 facts about canyoning you didn't know

5 facts about canyoning you should know

Canyoning is one of the most popular and fastest growing extreme sports in the World. This isn't coincidence if you observe canyoning as an instinct that lies deep inside of us as humans and as a part of bigger, nature universe. This could be easily explained by the first fact of our list, but let’s go step by step for now.

Canyoning waterfall Montenegro

Caynoning is very interesting activity in nature and an extreme sport which can be more or less demanding, having in mind which canyon are we trying to conquer. Anyway, canyoning in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina is a great decision if you consider all the facts about these two places and nature around them.

In general, some canyons are more demanding while others are pretty easy and are easily reachable by “simple” walking in nature or better said - hiking. Nature sites you can encounter during canyoning are almost always amazing and inspiring. At least they are here in Montenegro. If we’d try to explain canyoning little bit more professional it would be fair to say that canyoning is caynon conquering, observing and exploring which is done by the rope, swimming, jumping and many other activities you’d like to do, but can’t do in overcrowded cities.

However, check out our 5 facts about canyoning you should know if you’re interested in canyoning as adventure or you just want to learn something new.

#1 Canyoning is one of the oldest activities in nature but one of the newest extreme sports in the World

Canyoning as an nature activity is one of the oldest activities in nature that people used as a survival technique, but it is one of the youngest extreme sports around. Reason for this is simple. You see, before man could ever built a raft or a boat or even was able to maintain himself on the water surface, he lived in the stunningly beautiful mountain ranges and inside of the most amazing scenery colored by various mountain rivers and wild life. Instinct to survive has led him to move along rivers in search for better shelter from wild animals and other natural disasters.

Therefore we can say that canyoning as an extreme sport and interesting activity found its path to our hearts and bodies because of that very instinct that led us to survival in the first place, back when the extreme sport was life itself. Back when winners and losers were seen immediately.

#2 Canyoning was invented by hikers and “bushwalkers”

Believe it or not, canyoning wasn’t invented by the ones who use ropes and climbing gear the most, but by those whom traveled far and looked where human eye has never looked before. This is the very fact that proves that ropes are not always necessary as canyoning equipment, but that canyoning can be done without ropes and heavy equipment depending on the complexity of the given canyon.

Hiking was crucial for canyoning acknowledging and was invented and “found” because of the hiker’s nature that led them to discover new places that they couldn’t reach by bare foot and hand. They began to “climb down”, deeper than ever, taking detours from their hiking and trekking trails, and inventing completely new extreme sport in nature.

Waterfall canyoning river

#3 Physical fitness is optional, but still important

Even though there are different levels of canyoning classified by canyon’s complexity, there’s always a need for good physical health and fitness when it comes to canyoning. Some canyoning tours are compatible even for younger kids, but still good physical health can be useful because the largest number of canyons demand some doze of seriousness.

Don’t be scared by the fact that usage of ropes and other canyoning equipment might come upon you if you ever decide to go canyoning, because even the smallest efforts and simple tricks for ropes usage can be implemented in almost every possible situation you could encounter during canyoning tour. And what’s even better is that you’ll never have to learn it alone, since there are always experienced and trained guides to teach you about everything.

Psychological preparedness is also important if you ever decide to go canyoning, since you’ll find yourself in nature where anything can happen and where not many things can be foreseen.

#4 Canyoning discovers most beautiful hidden spots in the World

Some of the most beautiful sceneries you could ever imagine were discovered by canyoning or by coincidence during common canyon tours down the river streams. There are various caves, shelters or even coverts of the first men that ever lived in those places, which were discovered by canyoning. The first men which climbed their way to the top of the first civilizations and further evolution.

How important were some of those discoveries can be explained by the fact that many of those places were later protected as important nature and cultural heritage. Down there, where sun beams sometimes can’t even reach, you can find most amazing endemic species and animals. So prepare to be amazed by the scenery when you climb down the canyon and find the life you never knew existed before.

Nature canyon and canyoning

#5 One of the best places for canyoning in the world is Nevidio canyon in Montenegro

Even though the beauty really is in the eye of the viewer, some of the characteristics and possibility that canyon Nevidio in Montenegro posses, are the reason why this canyon is such a good place to go canyoning in Europe. If anything else, canyon’s position is so damn good, that you wouldn’t want to leave once you come here. Position of Canyon Nevidio, let’s you explore the region which is full of similar nature beauties things to do.

For example, this canyon touches the Durmitor mountain and National Park, which means that you can easily combine canyoning with interesting hiking & trekking tours and the fact that Tara river is just on the other side of the Durmitor mountain, gives you the opportunity to go rafting in the 2nd deepest canyon in the World. Isn’t that something?

Anyway, besides its position, you should know that Canyon Nevidio has a part of it that is only 1 meter wide, so be prepared to cringe and slide between sharp and thick rocks. This canyon is filled with beautiful Komarnica river, and it is long about 2.6 km.

Another fun fact about Canyon Nevidio, is that this canyon is one of the latest conquered canyons in the Europe, hence the name “Nevidio” which means “The one that wasn’t seen”.

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