Rock climbing


Rock climbing is adrenaline sport that emanated from alpinism and in the last few years it is becoming more and more popular around the world. The goal of climbers is not to get to hardly conquering mountain peak, but to defeat as challenging as possible obstacle on natural or artificial rock.

In order to be successful in this extreme sport, a man has to have physical and mental strength. Even if it seems like the man is “fighting” the rock, real fight is actually with yourself and your limits. In middle ages, climbing was studied as one of 7 noble chivarly arts.

It’s not easy to describe this to someone that never tasted real rock climbing. How does the human body stay bonded to rock wall just by feet and few fingers firmly tightened around the edges of a little rock? What motivates you to try to conquer the top again, just 30 minutes after fall?

And another fact that will maybe make you want to master all the tricks of rock climbing - have you ever seen active overweight climber? Hardly, because this exciting sport burns calories and form the body with the speed of a lightning.  

These are just a few of many reasons why you too should try rock climbing with TARASPORT.

Activity description: 
Equipment - Rock climbing is a lot more than rope climbing

Rock climbing involve specific equipement, shoes, safety helmet, climbing belt and various ropes. Unlike classic alpinism, here, the gear serves just as safety measures of climber and doesn’t contribute to progress in any way. Although it’s sorted in extreme sports, when you follow safety guides and ara accompanied by skilled instructors, injuries are very rare.

The test for a climber is to take a good look at the rock and plan the path in advance. Although physical readiness and strength are needed, you don’t have to be the Spiderman to conquer a rock. The climbing is done firstly with the head, and then with the body strength. Appropriate tehnique, good disposition of movements and right breathing save strength and climbing time considerably, and you will learn everything from experienced climbers of TARASPORT.

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The harder, the better - adrenaline rush

If you want to be more confident, to have more muscles, even stronger power of will, zero stress, to meet your limits and fears, and then defeat them and all of that in untouched wild nature, we are offering fantastic pleasure that rock climbing on natural rock is, near Foca, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Rock climbing will give you stronger arms and shoulders, stronger basks and legs, raise endurance of the whole body, strengthen focus and faith in yourself. Rock climbing encourages activity of the whole body, so that you will feel the “results” very soon, all the way from fingertips to feet.

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Become one with nature - with Rock Climbing

Hills inscribed area of the Old Herzegovina (Foca) is ideal location for you to master techniques of rock climbing with the help of experienced TARASPORT instructors and fall in love with this adrenaline sport. And if you already tried out this extreme rock adventure, you can always learn a few new tricks.

Age limits for this sport don’t exist, the pure will and wish to conquer impregnable are needed. Moreover, climbing with rope is great encouragement for regular psycho-physical development of children and adults. You can always make this your recreational hobby, and we guarantee that there is no better and more effective gym than the one you are going through on the natural rock, surrounded by authentic wilderness. The feeling that will overcome you in that moment is indescribable, and you’ll understand it only if you experience it by yourself, and after that, a life without it is no longer possible.

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