Tara River Canyon
20. Jan 2019.

Welcome adventurers and explorers - to the magnificent Tara River Canyon, an unexplored gem of Europe! In the south of Europe, surrounded by Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Albania, rests a charming little country called Montenegro, where Tara River emerges in all its glory.

hiking food tips
13. Jul 2017.

Do you plan to go hiking? You will need to prepare your nutritional needs for increased amount of activity. Read these food tips for hiking and treking.

top 10 best rafting rivers in the world
05. Jul 2017.

Whitewater rafting is becoming more and more popular.  Strap on your helmet and life jacket and head out for these top 10 Best rafting rivers in the world.

anatomy of a rating tour
29. Jun 2017.

You don’t have to know all the elements of a rafting tour in order to have an amazing time, but it helps to know a little. Learn the anatomy of a rafting tour.