Things - equipment you need to bring to a nature expedition
21. Mar 2017.

Check out list of things you really need to pack for any nature expedition. Nature can be tricky and unpredictable, but you need to do all you can to be safe.

The most exciting rafting rivers in Europe
05. Mar 2017.

Many can organize rafting on Tara river but not anyone can do it this exciting. Here's the difference between rafting on upper and lower course of Tara river.

Orientation without a compass in Northern Hemisphere
25. Feb 2017.

Orientation without a compass in nature of the Northern Hemisphere can be a problem if all other methods fail you. Here's how to do it, more or less easily.

Where is Tara rafting located
19. Feb 2017.

If you have wondered where does Tara river rafting takes place here are some answers, but yes, Tara river flows through Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

How many people can fit in rafting boat
15. Feb 2017.

If you were planning to try rafting, you were probably wondering how many people can fit in one inflatable raft? Check out the answer and book rafting tour now!