Rafting vs kayaking - which is better?

kayak vs rafting

Rafting vs kayaking - which is better?

Whitewater boating has it’s differences from other sports such as soccer or beer pong. The rules are not really established and so there are no winners or losers, however, some friendly competition is often there.

You will see it when passing another boat, especially when it is a different kind of a boat. Raft and kayak enthusiasts sometimes give each other that furtive glance. But it is without resentment and all in good spirit of course. The point is to be on the river, however there are some differences and we are going to cover them. But first, what are the similarities?

Both of these are water sports

Which water sport is better Kayaking or rafting

Kayaking is an activity involving using a double-bladed oar for paddling and a small boat also known as a kayak for moving across objects of water. A kayak is a boat similar to a canoe, that sits low in the water. In this boat the paddler is sitting while facing forward with his legs up in front, while using a paddle with blades on both sides.

White water rafting represents a recreational activity done outdoor while using an inflatable raft used to navigate down a river or some other body of water. Most often undergone on whitewater or rough water varying in different degrees. It is a fun environment and full of challenges.

Here are some technical differences between kayaking and rafting


  • A single person manages it
  • Kayak is smaller in size, so you are able to reach out to both of the sides with ease


  • Raft is bigger and enables gathering a crowd as large as 10 people
  • It is possible for 9 people to row together (4 on each side and 1 at the back)
  • There is a person at the front to push it downwards to avoid flipping it over
  • It is not required to have 10 or more people, you only really need 2 people, however the bigger the crowd the bigger the party

Which one is more exciting / better?

Which is better activity rafting or kayaking

As always, it depends. Whether you like to partake in activities alone or with a group of friends. If you want to connect with nature by yourself you should try kayaking. On the other hand, if you want to experience an adventure with your friends or family and have a memory which you will remember for a long time, rafting should be your choice!

White water rafting brings your crew challenges which you need to overcome together, it is a great activity to bind a group of people. Hence, why it is a fantastic choice for team building. After conquering the river, your office will be able to overcome everyday business challenges with great ease.

Regarding safety, rafting is much safer. If you are alone in a kayak and you happen to run into some trouble you will be all alone and at great risk of something bad happening to you. There are more people on a raft, also there is plenty of gear. If you are concerned about safety you can try rafting in the time of the year when the river is more calm. On our tours on Tara river, we have IRF licensed guides who will make sure nothing bad happens to you.

Also if you want to introduce your children to water sports, rafting on calmer tides is what you should pick. It is an exciting experience which they will remember for a long time. We organize tours during the whole year, and the water varies in difficulty throughout the year. So if you are more interested in fast, extreme conditions rafting, we can also satisfy your needs.

All in all. Both activities have their ups and downs. Which one will you chose depends on your preferences, one thing is certain, you will have an experience worth remembering.

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