5 Rafting myths and why they are wrong

5 Rafting myths and why they are wrong

Whitewater rafting is a fun and exciting outdoor activity. While the picture of people rowing and splashing water, may cause you to think about whether or not you would be up for this activity, we are here to address your concerns and deal with most common rafting myths out there.

#1 Myth - Only adrenaline junkies would enjoy rafting

At some point, you heard about rafting. Then you went on google to search what is it. You got the answer that it is an extreme water sport. Wait? Extreme, what does that mean? Then you went on youtube to watch some rafting videos. Of Course, the first page is filled with rafting videos of high water rapids, people screaming, jumping and all those scenes that draw the most views.

While there are extreme rafting tours, rafting is a source of great fun for just about anyone. There is a variety of rafting trips, difference in whitewater classification, and it also depends on the time of the year. Here at Tarasport, we encourage whole families to come along and enjoy the great scenery of Tara river canyon.

#2 Myth - You have to be fit

Having a strong and athletic body is surely an advantage, but the most desired skill is the lack of clumsiness. It doesn’t really matter if you are athletic or not. If you can hold a rope, use a paddle, walk, walk over stuff, carry your stuff - then you are all good.  

You don’t need special training, but is is certainly not a bad idea to get some preparation before going on a rafting tour. On multi day tours, we also do some hiking to amazing viewpoints (it’s definitely worth it). Don’t worry about energy, the amazing food we'll have prepared will restore all that is lost during the day.

#3 Myth - You have to be swimming for the olympics in order to go rafting

It is very good if you manage to stay in the boat. However, if you happen to fall out you won’t be doing much swimming anyway. The proper technique is to lay on your back and wait for your guide to grab you. All our guests receive a lecture about basic safety rules before we go out on the river.

Now, if this doesn’t comfort you, you should also know that everyone will be wearing a lifejacket at all times. So if your swimming skills are a bit rusty, there is no need to worry. After all, our guides have the expertise which is officialy confirmed with the IRF licence.

rafting myhts swimming

#4 Myth - The food is awful

Forget about canned foods. Here at Tarasport we nurture domestic, traditional cuisine, which creates a special feeling of intimacy with our guests. All food that you eat on our tours is produced in the vicinity of our camp, exactly like our ancestors did it centuries ago. These landscapes represent a rare oasis of unspoiled nature in Europe, so the products of our region are organic and healthy.

Meals are made of organically grown fruits, vegetables and meat, which are grown and raised by the local villagers from Durmitor, Maglic, Zelengora and other highlands nearby. The combination of eco food and old-fashioned, traditional way of preparing meals, is a true driver of good energy.

In addition to delicious meals you can try authentic beverages of this region. Homemade brandy called “rakija” will definitely elevate the mood (plum brandy, pear brandy, apple, quince), or if you prefer wine, you can enjoy wines from a number of nearby wineries.

#5 Myth - You will be stuck on a raft the whole day

On a one day rafting trip you will spend the majority of your time on the raft. However, on multi day tours, you will spend more time on foot rather than in the raft. Of course, the tours are different, one day we'll be having a hike. The next day, we'll be riding in jeeps through the untouched nature of Sutjeska and Durmitor.

You may be asking yourself if you could manage to spend time in a raft. However, the question is - whether you will be able to describe all the adventures you will encounter.

Are you ready for an adventure, or do you need some more thinking? Check out our frequently asked questions for some more info. If you ready, than what are you waiting for! Give us a ring, or an email, and see you on the river.


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