Great team building activities in the nature

great team building activities in the open

Great team building activities in the nature

In order for one team to be really successful, it is essential that members know and support each other. However, it is not easy to create a good connection in the workplace. There are situations where people work together for years, and they do not know about each other any more than that classic information that we give away in passing or talking while in the elevator. Therefore, the organization of joint activities outside the workplace is a great way to get employees to get to know each other better, and solve business problems more successfully.

Although there are many team activities that can be performed anywhere, team building activities that are performed in nature offer way many more possibilities. There is not much you can do indoors beside talking, and going on a trip in nature, besides getting to know each other, provides the opportunity for a good rest. These are some great team building activities you can do in nature.



Rafting is an extreme water sport which involves small or large groups of people, ie. from two to eight people. It ss performed in a rubber boat, and the goal is to navigate the boat down a fast river. Extremism of the activity depends on the river. There is an International Scale of River Difficulty, based on which each river receives a rating depending on water levels and obstacles in the fairway.

Each team is led by our experienced guides who possess international IRF licenses, so you do not have to worry about the safety of your team. The magic of rafting is that participants must cooperate together and overcome all the obstacles that the river has for them. During a break in a quieter part of the course, an amazing landscape of nature will relax all senses. Our rafting tours on the Tara river do not require prior experience and everyone is welcome, it is only necessary to adhere to basic safety rules.


expedition team buidling activity

Do you like to watch survival tv shows? You know those shows where people go into the wild environment and try to find their way back to civilization. We like to watch them too! That is why we organize expeditions which will put your team in a little different environment from which they are accustomed to. They will have to cooperate together to create a tent, light a fire and use things found in nature.

They will not have to hunt many wild animals that can be found in the regions of Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Of course, our experienced instructors are present every step of the way. They have grown up here, so you do not have to worry about safety during the team building activities in the open.

Jeep safari

jeep safari team building activity

Spend the day in unrestrained nature of Durmitor and Sutjeska National Park. Jeep ride will literally and metaphorically get your working collective closer. The scene of unspoiled nature will recount the office for months, and all the introverts who did not want to go will now be sorry (although they will act like they do not care). We'll take you through places where people rarely go. After a day filled with natural flavors and amazing scenery, a rich lunch awaits you, with all specialties of the region.


barbecue team building activity

Sometimes the simple solution is good enough. You probably like to enjoy a nice barbecue with your friends, why not barbecue with your colleagues? A relaxed weekend socializing that can be organized in many locations in nature. Spice the experience by bringing a minimum of necessary equipment. Thus, the team will have to cooperate and find a way to make the meal that everyone craves for.

While some prepare food, include others by playing a variety of games.

  • Charades - someone explains a movie or a series, just with their movement, without talking and the others have to guess what it is.
  • Associations - split into pairs, each member writes 7 terms (objects) on a piece of paper. Put all papers into a bowl. One member of the first pair pulls out a piece of paper from the bowl and explains the term to his partner. The goal is to get as many concepts correct for 60 seconds. When all pairs have finished, the member who was explaining the terms now tries to guess. The game is played for three rounds. In the first everyone explains with words, the second by pantomime, and in the third you can only say one word and the other person must guess the term. The couple with the most scores wins.
  • Who am I - a team devises a person (imaginary or real), writes the paper and put it on one person's forehead. This person now asks series of questions and must guess what is the person in question. The questions are yes / no type.

There are many more games you can play. Throwing a frisbee, badminton, volleyball, football... Insert a competitive component and it will certainly be more interesting.

In a traditional work environment, it may take years before the team gets well acquainted. Why wait so long? This is the period of lost work and income. Create a shortcut and invest in your team, it will definitely pay off.

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