The most important rafting safety rules

Rules of rafting safety preparation - safety rafting rules

The most important rafting safety rules

Rafting is fun. But rafting is also an extreme sport. With its extreme nature comes the responsibility and few rules that should be followed. Among default needs and obligatory rafting equipment which have to be provided by your licensed rafting professional and rafting club, there are some universal rules of rafting which you should definitely follow and obey at any time.

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Ok, rules, rules, and more rules. Isn't rafting about fun and just going crazy in the raft? It really is, but to make that extreme fun possible, you need to follow some instructions and rafting safety tips, so check out some important rafting rules which will ensure you the most amazing and unforgettable rafting experience you could've ever imagined. Like Tarasport rafting on Tara and Drina rivers are.

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Listen what your guide has to say before rafting!

Ok, the first rule is pretty simple. Since you’re probably not a professional you should listen what your licensed rafting guide has to say. Here at Tarasport many of them are going on a few rafting tours daily, so their experience is not questionable. If it happens that you actually are a professional, you should still listen what your guide has to say, since you probably didn’t have the chance to experience whitewater rafting on that exact river that you’ve visited.

He knows exactly what can happen on which part of the river and according to the river strength, difficulty, and complexity measured by the known 1 to 6 scale. Since Tara river complexity is between 4th and 5th level that is one of the reasons why rafting on Tara river is the best.

Obey instructions given by your guide during rafting itself

Every part of the river has its own characteristics and experienced skippers and guides know them all. You’ll get the instructions before rafting happens as we mentioned above, but you should try to understand them and try to implement them in the exact moment when you rafting guide shouts: backward leftbackward rightfront rightfront left or any other command.

It is sometimes tough to synchronize your moves with other people on the raft, but that’s what rafting is all about. Overcoming every obstacle, enjoying the adrenaline rush and taming the rivers temper. This is why rafting is considered one hell of a team building activity. Actually, many of our first timers are coming with their business teams trying to experience something exciting and trying to do that as a functional team as well.

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What if I fell into the water?

Falling into the water during rafting is probably the most feared outcome that people are asking and worried about. To be honest, it’s not the favorite thing that can happen when it comes to rafting, since water is often very chilly, at least here in Montenegro at Tara river, but there is no reason to be afraid of falling into the water. Like said before, just follow the given instructions and you’ll be fine and quickly back on the raft among other rafting fellows.

You should know that lifejacket you’re provided is there for a reason. It will help you float and to keep your strength since the current of mountain rivers can be very strong. Main thing that you should do is to try grabbing the rope on side of the river raft, so that you could be easily pulled back on the boat, but if you don’t manage to do that, you should float on your back with your legs up on the water surface and your arms crossed on your chest. This way, you can easily be “fished” by your guide and other rafting pals. Als,o the leg part is very important so that you wouldn’t hit the rocks below the water surface.

Als,o this floating position is very important so that guide can easily throw the rope at you, and so that you could grab those ropes in the correct way. You should grab ropes in the same floating position on your back, holding the rope exactly the same as you were floating (lying) before. This way your head will remain above the water without fast water smashing your face and not letting you breathe properly.

What happens if the whole raft turns over?

Ok, we covered what happens if you and only you fall into the water, but what happens if the whole raft turns over and every member of your rafting team andthe skipper himself fall into the water? It’s pretty much the same thing. It’s not yours to try to fix the problem since you’re probably not professional and don’t know what to do exactly. Your role in this messed up, but still not dangerous, situation is to do exactly the same thing you would do if you fell into the river by yourself.

All of the guides that are going on your rafting tour will pivot the raft by themselves and carefully fish for other rafters which fell into the water. Just like mentioned before, yours is to float on your back with your legs up high and arms crossed on your chest and life jacket.

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Consult with your rafting club before coming here and be open about your concerns with your guide

It is very important for you to be honest when it comes to rafting. If you have any concerns about your physical abilities or even physical health it is your duty and moral obligation to let everybody else know them if it could make an impact on them in any way possible. Of cour,se you should consult with rafting club before even coming here to check if it is ok to come and try out rafting, and of course after that with your personal rafting guide. Consult with your guide and rafting club before you come here if it’s okay to try rafting with your fears or maybe even physical disadvantages.

Don’t try to be a hero

Like said before, even if you think you know everything there is to know about rafting, that doesn’t have to be reality of the things. Trying too hard and making yourself interesting will not help your rafting team and could eventually have completely opposite effect. Be confident enough to give your 100% but at the same time smart enough to listen your guides and given instructions. You are a hero as long as everybody else think that way. Don’t you agree?

That should be it, so if you have any questions feel free to call Tarasport and ask whatever you have in mind. See you here!

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