Top 10 - Best rafting rivers in the world

top 10 best rafting rivers in the world

Top 10 - Best rafting rivers in the world

Whitewater rafting is becoming more and more popular. Adrenaline flowing through your veins while you conquer the rapids of a millennia old natural wonder is a feeling you cannot easily replicate. Strap on your helmet and life jacket and head out for these top 10 Best rafting rivers in the world.

#10 Sun Kosi River - Nepal

In the vicinity of the border with Tibet, in the greatest heights in the world, you will find a magical trip through the Himalayas. Sun Kosi River flows through narrow gorges and canyons abound with vegetation. On the final stretch of this class V river, you will row through dense tropical jungle and possibly watch monkeys as they jump across the threes looking at funny people using sticks in a raft.

#9 Magpie River - Canada

magpie river canada rafting

The start of this journey is at the Magpie Lake, in the remote pine forests of eastern Quebec. Leaving the lake and heading towards Magpie River will get you to the first rapids. As you continue your descent, the difficulty goes up, until you reach Class V rapids made from the glorious Magpie Falls. Spend a night in the open, and perhaps you'll be lucky enough to catch some night-sky magic of aurora borealis (northern lights).

#8 Río Upano - Ecuador

rio upano river ecuador rafting

Hidden in the dense rain forest, among numerous palm trees is the remote town of Macas. Adventure starts in the far western fringes of the Amazon Basin. Your journey through the river will be varied from gentle rapids to tempestuous rides through narrow canyons. Main attraction is the Namangosa Gorge, with its Class IV rapids and the landscape of numerous waterfalls plunging down on each side of the gorge.

#7 Zambezi River - Zimbabwe

zambezi river rafting

Where wildlife and wild nature come together to form an amazing experience. Zambezi River offers an adrenaline filled adventure for the skillful rafters. Almost half of the river’s rapids are graded as Class IV. The sight of Victoria Falls and it’s massive swells is nothing short of magical. You also have a chance of seeing crocodiles and hippos in their natural habitat.

#6 Pacuare River - Costa Rica

pacaure river Costa Rica rafting

This journey to the Caribbean will take you through almost 100 kilometers of river rapids ranging from classes III to IV. You can also enjoy the view of a lush tropical rainforest, filled with exotic wildlife - jaguars, ocelots, monkeys and birds.

#5  Futaleufu River - Chile

futaleufu river Chile rafting

In the peaks of South America the Futaleufu River cascades from numerous glacier fed lakes in the Andes. Beauty of this river is that it fits everyone, from novice to experienced rafters.

#4 Salmon River’s Middle Fork - USA (Idaho)

salmon river USA rafting

This is one of the longest rafting journeys, over 160 kilometers of river will provide 100 rapids and a 900 meter drop in elevation. Journey through Idaho’s Salmon River will take you through wonderful forests filled with wildlife, so expect to see bears and moose along the shore.

#3 Ganges River - India

ganges river India rafting

The best whitewater experience in Asia can be found in the sacred Ganges River. Originating high in the Western Himalayas, it’s Class IV and V rapids offer adrenaline dose for even the most experienced rafters. Along the shore you will see many Hindu temples which give respect to this holy river.

#2 Tara River - Montenegro

tara river Montenegro rafing

Maybe we are a little biased, but we can’t ignore the wonderful feeling of waking up in the untouched beauty of Montenegro and Bosnia. Tara river flows through the second deepest canyon in the world, and it is the largest clean water source in Europe. If that alone doesn’t convince you maybe it’s rapids ranging from Class III to V will change your mind. Add into this the amazing homemade meals and you will surely be delighted.

1# Colorado River - Grand Canyon

colorado river USA rafting

This is not just a rafting trip, it’s an adventure in the every meaning of the word. The Colorado River, flowing through Colorado, Utah and Arizona provides 360 kilometers of pure joy. Fast rapids make your heart racing while slow stretches calm you down.

Have you been to some of these rivers? Come to Tara if you haven’t already. Well, even if you did, come again for more amazing adventures!

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