5 reasons why rafting on Tara river is the best

5 reasons why rafting on Tara river is the best rafting experience ever

5 reasons why rafting on Tara river is the best

We're well aware of the fact that many other rafting clubs offer rafting tours around the World. But we're also aware of the fact that not many clubs can offer excitement during rafting like we can, even those in our neighbourhood which offer rafting on Tara river in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Why is that? Well because of at least 5 reasons that you’ll find as advantage when it comes to Tara river rafting with Tarasport. Check them out.

Rafting Tarom najbolji uz Tarasport rafting klub

#1 - Well of course – Tara river itself and…

First things first, you need to know that Tara river is unique in every possible way. Nature wise, rafting wise and location wise. You see, Tara river is one of the most amazing rivers in the World from each point of view. When it comes to nature Tara river Canyon is splendid and it is home for many wild animals like bears, wolfs, eagles, otters and many other species, but also it is the place where the most unique endemic species grow and can be found. Some would say it is a nature paradise.

Tear of Europe, as Tara river is sometimes called, got its name because of the stunning Canyon that it made throughout a significant amount of time, creating the 2nd deepest canyon in the World. Adrenaline rush that you can feel from the 3 – 4 or 5 degree difficulty of Tara river is something many are seeking. You see, all of that combined gives you the first advantage of going on a rafting tour on Tara river. But what makes our Tara rafting tours different from others you can find? Answer is:

  • true nature passion,
  • professionalism that can guarantee the maximum enjoyment and safety, and
  • on the other hand it is the fact that you can book our rafting tours on Tara and Drina rivers all year long, since every season gives benefits to other groups of people when it comes to rafting. Going from the easy and medium ones to the hardest and most demanding rafting adventures in the World.

#2 Unique and entertaining Rafting Camp

Although Tarasport is a place with many options when it comes to activities in nature, and different types of accommodation that follows those activities, we are especially proud of our unique Rafting Camp which is perfectly located so that we can easily get to all of starting points for Tara rafting or rafting on Drina river. Location isn’t only thing that matters, but it is one of the most important facts if you ever decide to go rafting and explore the nature of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We’re right on the spot where these two countries touch and where life flourished for millions of years.

Rafting kamp bungalovi u Bosni i Crnoj Gori

Knowing this, we decided to make your stay and rafting adventure unique and nature oriented, so Tarasport Rafting Camp, which is located in the beautiful woods, consists of 17 bungalows with 60 beds, which are made of wood and stone and they’re well connected with charming stone paths between trees, little gardens and stone wells. It really gives you the feeling of simpler times when people still lived in harmony with nature. But don’t you think that the entertainment stops when the night comes. You’ll see how we like to chill out after long day in nature. There is also Rafting Camp Restaurant which we’ll be mentioned a little bit later.

#3 Hospitality

Hospitality isn’t something you should be worried about. We’re doing this with only one cause – to make you fall in love with our nature, rivers and culture. After a long day, what is better thing to do than to gather around a beautiful fire and warm kettle in our camp, drink a couple of refreshing drinks or world known Rakia that we love so much in the Balkan peninsula. Of course if you don’t like to drink, there are always non alcoholic drinks and beverages for everyone. Imagine this entertaining night mixed with couple of guitars after a long day in nature and you get the picture of your complete and amazing stay at Tarasport rafting club.

#4 Tasty food and local cuisine

If you’re enthusiastic about the food you can try at Balkans and Tarasport club to be precise, let us tell you that you won’t be disappointed. People of Balkans are known to love their food. We enjoy it as much as anything else we love. So, if you love to eat - your food must be loveable. That is our moto so don’t you worry about a single thing. Do you know that old one that says that If you wish to get to know another culture you need to try its food? It is true so every single bite you’ll take here we’ll be the piece of a story that was written through a couple of thousands of years.

Hrana koja se sprema za rafting, rafting kamp i restoran Tarasport

If you decide to book our Tara rafting tour that lasts for two days or even better three day rafting tour on Tara and Drina rivers which is the most amazing rafting adventure there is, you’ll be able to try out the most tasteful breakfasts and dinners you could imagine, slowly baked in the stone ovens or in the kettles while we sit and hang out. Different pies, cow, lamb or pork meat, large palette of cheeses and various vegetables are the things you’ll find at Tarasport Rafting Camp. Here you’ll try some of the best meals of your lives prepared with love and knowledge that you’ll need all the strength for rafting and other nature activities.

#5 Opportunity for other nature adventures that you won’t find anywhere else but here at Tarasport rafting club

Probably the most important advantage of Tarasport rafting club when it comes to Tara river rafting, is the opportunity to mix rafting with other nature activities. This is the thing that separates us from any other rafting camp around. Imagine how it would be awesome to come here for a couple of days more on mixed arrangements like Balkan Family Fun tour, so that you can explore nature via canyoning adventure in Montenegrojeep safari trips and hiking and trekking tours to the nearest and most beautiful mountains in the Balkans, like Durmitor National Park, Sutjeska National Park, Zelengora and Maglić mountains and many other.

If you’re not much into demanding walking routes or into jeep driving, there are unforgettable scenic routes for horse riding in the green fields and mountain peaks. And when it comes to more activities directly in the Tara River Canyon, you can tryout ZIP-LINE across the deepest canyon in Europe, right beside the Đurđevica Tara Bridge which is one of the most beautiful bridges in Europe in general.

Yes, we’d like you to come to our Tara rafting Camp and enjoy Tara river rafting and that you could explore our beautiful nature with us as soon as you can, but the more important thing is that you really wish to do it yourself. So we hope that we brought to you just a little bit of atmosphere that is going around our camp and beautiful Tara river.

Untill the next reading, don’t just walk around, stop for a second and feel the nature around you. It will be worth your time!

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