Expeditions and survival tours in nature include the right usage of all accessible resources in nature with the goal of preserving your health and personal safety in any extreme situation.

Adrenaline expeditions in wild nature offer you a chance to experience wild nature directly, without any embellishment. Just raw, untouched nature and you! This means you’ll need to overcome any obstacle you can find here!

Nature survival is all about getting to know yourself, your abilities and skills you can use to survive cruel nature, which is a part of all of us. This is a psycho-physical challenge for the bravest among us or those who wish to become that.

Mountainous regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Gornje Podrinje, Old Herzegovina and local area) are ideal scenography for extreme expeditions in a hostile land and the aquatic environment. Here are some information about survival tours that Tarasport organizes for you.

Activity description: 
Survival or active vacation?

“If you don’t know how, watch nature and it’ll give you answers and inspiration” - Nikola Tesla.

Nature gave us the perfect ambiance but we invented time to battle on various terrains, to test our skills, push our limits, overcome our fears and learn techniques of survival in various situations.

From the beginning of man’s existence, we struggled to survive with natural resources we could get at the time. This means that all of us have the survival instinct within ourselves. Explore your other side, see what you’re made of and capable of, learn to orientate yourself, how to put on a tent, start a campfire, explore wildlife and use tools you can find in nature. Through our extreme expeditions and survival tours, we will take you to the hidden wild places so that you can find yourself

It’s probably too much to say that you’ll experience adventures as Bear Grylls does, but we can guarantee an exciting adrenaline adventure.

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You’re in safe hands of Tarasport’s experienced guides

Survival tours are a real treat that you can give to any adrenaline and active vacation lover. The whole point is to test yourself in this environment and see what you are made of!

The safety of our survival tours is our priority, of course. The equipment we use is produced by the world-known manufacturers and pass all European quality and safety standards. All of our guides and instructors are licensed with many years of experience guiding expeditions. Terrains of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro is their home and the place where they learned their craft - you will most definitely be in safe hands.

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These are survival tours at Tarasport

Depending on the weather conditions and time of  the year, you can go for different adrenaline adventures:

  • The Extreme Piva river rafting,
  • Night and Winter rafting on wild rapids of Tara river,
  • Winter hikes to the highest mountain tops of Montenegro and BiH,
  • Nature survival expedition, a unique custom-made tour.
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