MIX day tours


Anxiety, hasty race against time and daily struggles, long lines of cars, city sadness… and so on almost every day.

Ok, that’s enough. Now imagine a completely different scenario - endless greenery, intoxicating scents of mountain herbs and coniferous forests, tight roads, vast pastures and mountain peaks from which the view extends over fairytale-like scenery that takes the breath away. Steep cliffs, crystal clear streams from where you can drink water, fast cold mountain rivers filled with foamy rapids, glittery waterfalls, and dark caves and canyons. Laughter, chilling out, enjoyment… You already feel better. Just one day in that kind of environment would change everything.

What you need is a one-day reset and refresh in untouched wild mature in a good company. This is the reason why our one-day tours (MIX day tours) in the nature of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina were created!

Activity description: 
One Day - New Excitement - Crazy Thoughts

Do something that you haven’t done before. And if you have, do it again. You owe yourself one day of complete relaxation and an unforgettable adventure. And when the adrenaline starts rushing, you will be utterly intoxicated with greenery and mountain scents and then everything will make sense.

We know this and that’s why we organize a series of one-day adventures that are ideal for one entirely perfect day. Grab your day-off because you can, bring your family, colleagues, friends… Choose a relaxing cruise or fast rafting descend on the foamy rapids. For an adventure in nature, you don’t need to be in top shape, and everyone can find something for themselves.

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How to spend a perfect one-day adventure in the nature?

One-day adventures are a perfect way to find refuge from your everyday life and fill your batteries to maximum, even for a little bit. They are perfectly designed even for adrenaline junkies in order to maintain the dose of excitement and good physical form. We will help you to create your own mountain fairytale.

Upon request, all our one-day tours can be combined as you wish and you can create your own vacation in nature, the kind you always dreamed of. Simple outdoor activities in mountain surroundings can be that one bit that is missing to make your planned vacation the best in your life.

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One-day adventures in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Outdoor resort TaraSport is located just a few hours from the Dubrovnik and Montenegrin coast. If you are accustomed to having your summer vacation near the sea, we suggest you to spare one day and fill your lungs with fresh mountain air, and your soul with fairytale-like landscapes that take your breath away.

For at least one day, replace lying on the beach chair with an adrenalin descent down the rapids of Tara and Drina rivers or a paragliding flight over the panorama of Trebinje. And we guarantee that it will the best vacation ever!