Are you tired of the rush, the noise and the daily race against time? Are you dreaming of a relaxing vacation in the countryside, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the unreal? Then cruising the river or lake in Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina is what you need.

So if you are in a perpetual search for new adrenaline surprises that color everyday life with bright colors, we suggest cruising. Cruising the river or lake is intended for absolutely everyone, there are no age or physical fitness restrictions. This is an ideal way to spend an unforgettable day in the untouched nature with your family, friends or colleagues.

Sailing the boat that slides down the crystal clear waters of mountain rivers or lakes, viewing the surrounding cliffs and steep green slopes, colors, sounds and scents that intoxicate, can become a synonym for your perfect holiday. This experience is a real treat for all of geography and history enthusiasts, because in addition to the natural beauty you can discover numerous cultural and historical attractions from a completely new perspective.

And that is exactly what a river and lake cruise around TARASPORT club will provide you with, a fairy-tale experience.

To be more precise, an ideal choice for cruising is cruising down the Piva lake and the river Drina (from Višegrad to Bajina Basta), which our agency organizes.

Activity description: 
Cruising on Piva lake - dream with your eyes open

Piva flows through the western part of Montenegro, in a deep canyon taming high mountains. Around Piva lake, there are several mountains. Durmitor, Golija, Bioč, Maglić and in Scepan Polje with a little help of Tara river, they come together to make Drina river. Piva canyon is characteristic in that it was formed by a human hand. The construction of hydropower plants and Martin dam emerged Piva Lake (45km long, in some places up to 200m deep), with authentic beauty and clear emerald - blue waters, full of fish in shoals seen with the naked eye. This lake is considered to be the largest reservoir of fresh water in the world.

Relaxing boat ride across the crystal clear water, perfect magic of nature that surrounds it, the mighty rocks sculpted for centuries, decorated with old pine trees and swimming in the middle of the lake in the end, are only a fraction of this adventure that awaits everyone who join us in this tour. Indulge in a romantic scenery, take pictures and enjoy the landscapes like from a postcard.

pivsko-jezero krstarenje
Cruising on Drina river - scenery which inspires

Wild force of wriggly and green Drina river is tamed by the dams and artificial lakes (Visegrad, Zvornik, Perucac). There's an interesting story about Drina, which says that local boatmen unsuccessfully tried to outsmart its rapids, unintentionally creating the old saying: "to make wriggly Drina straitht". If you decide to sail to its streams, enjoy the unforgettable sights and untouched flora and fauna, this is what is waiting for you.

Not so long ago, before Hydro plant had been built in Perucac, the Drina was only sailable downstream. Discover authentic nature that resists civilization which reveals itself only to those who bravely sail its winding course. Do not miss a cruise through one of the deepest canyons in the world.

The green color of Drina river and rocky cliffs covered by wild plants make you believe that river water is mealting down with the sky, giving you the feeling that you are in a completely new dimension. Besides fanciful natural beauty, centuries take turns before you while discovering cultural and historical attractions, such as the city of Visegrad and its famous Mehmet Pasha Sokolovic bridge. Therefore, the Drina cruise is a unique experience that leaves nobody indifferent.