Zip Line Tara River


Zip line represents the transition from one side of hill to the other with the help of specially installed cables. It originated from the need to bridge deep gorges and rivers in the mountainous areas, where it was not possible to build a bridge.

Earlier, the zip line was used as a way to transport people and food in inaccessible parts of the world. In some remote parts of China is still used. Today, the zip line is used mainly in tourism - for entertainment purposes, just as is the case with zip line adventure in Montenegro.

Have you heard of the zip line by the Djurdjevica Tara Bridge?

Flight over a deep gorge encourages strong adrenaline rush, and everything is seasoned with indescribable panoramic experience of nature from a specific angle.

Do not miss to experience the deepest European canyon of the river Tara from a completely new perspective, with the largest zipline in Europe. Endless green of the surrounding forests and meadows and turquoise river seen from 200 meters of altitude will be etched in your memory forever.

Activity description: 
Zip line over the biggest canyon in Europe

Tara river Canyon is 1333 m deep, which makes it the deepest in Europe, and after Colorado Canyon, second in the world. It’s fascinating just by itself, isn’t it? And now imagine that you fly over that natural phenomenon only hanging from a cable. Real treat even for the greatest lovers of extreme adventures and wilderness.

How does it look to fly 170 m above forested cliffs that surround fast mountain river? Unforgettable.

At the thought, adrenaline starts to rush through your veins, and then, the heart starts to beat fast and just when reasons to give up start to come up in your head, in front of you emerges endless greenery and blue Tara river. The trill is growing at light speed, feeling of freedom and power overwhelms you, and maybe you would want to shout the louder… The only thought now is why this can’t last longer..

Djurdjevica Tara Bridge

Over 1333 m deep Tara river Canyon rises grandiose Djurdjevica Tara Bridge. This exceptional piece of modern architecture from period of Kingdom of Yugoslavia was build from 1938 to 1940. Once it was the biggest and most beautiful concrete road bridge, with its pentarch structure and main arch that has span of 166 m. During the construction of this unusual bridge, the tallest wooden scaffolding in the world was erected.

Don’t miss most exciting zip line adventure right beside this unique bridge and enjoy in natural beauties from completely different perspective.

djurdjevica tara bridge zip line
Zip line in Montenegro is completely safe

Zip line is descending with rope over high gorges and canyons. It’s normal that most people is worried by safety of zip line.

Like for every other extreme tour in nature, TARASPORT guarantees safety for zip line above canyon of river Tara under the Djurdjevica Tara Bridge.

The whole system is completely safe, based on precise and detailed static calculations and the highest quality components that was made of. Every element of cable car has appropriate atest, and all equipment was made in reputable world’s brands that guarantee safety and highest standards.

Every person can enjoy the zip line adventure, and you can also choose between independent flight or flight in company.

safety zip line