Here’s why zip-line is so cool and popular

Here's why zip line is cool activity in Montenegro

Here’s why zip-line is so cool and popular

Yeah, zip-line is cool. End of story. Blog out.

Of course it's not over, but the very fact that Zip-line is an nature acitivity that allows you to cross large river canyons, widest gorges and sometimes very big distances between high buildings in urban surroundings, just by using a stainless steel cable, pulley, safety belt and force of gravity, makes it freaking cool. Doesn’t it? If not, let us say a couple of more things you need to know about zip-line, why is it so cool and what it really offers.

Here's why zip-line is cool activity

We can guarantee that you’ll understand awesomeness of zip-line at the end of the today’s blog.

First things first

Believe it or not, Zip-line as we know it today was actually developed spontaneously by biologists who were trying to observe animal life without disturbing it and making it too obvious. Of course similar zip-line technology was used as a transportation method between high mountain ranges and difficult terrains, but today’s version of zip-line really was invented by biologists.

They would find the best spot to pitch their ropes from one end to another, sometimes even using trees, when there weren’t any other pivot points available. They were studying animals and their behavior in the rainforests of Costa Rica when the first zip-line slide emerged and became one of the most popular extreme fun activities in nature.

Zip-line especially became very popular during last 15 years when it quickly spread like an extreme sports activity. This fact is often backed with the fact that for example, USA had around 20 zip line spots on its soil at the turn of 21st century, just so it would get 180 more in the next ten years or so.

What does that say about popularity of zip-line around the world? Not much, just that it is a cool thing to do! Ok, let’s go further more.

Different zip-line destinations offer different experience

For those whom like to test their limits and like adrenaline rush adventures, zip-line has so much to offer. Not just because you get to fly above some of the deepest natural voids and human creations in the world, but because you get to explore different ones which means that every zip line experience is great in its own way.

We can’t guarantee how great are those elsewhere around the world, but we can assure you that zip-line at Đurđevica Tara Bridge above the 2nd deepest canyon in the World is freaking cool! Actually, cool isn’t a strong enough word to describe just how great zip-line in Montenegro really is. Not just that you’ll be zip-lining across the deepest canyon in Europe, but you’ll be experiencing the longest zip-line slide in the whole Europe. Isn’t that something? But let’s go even further more and say that this zip-line tour includes jeep safari around the National Park of Durmitor and road stops for unforgettable photographs and natural scenery.

Jeep safari and way towards zip-line

Some of zip-line destinations are including views of:

  • Beautiful natural scenery, forests and animals
  • Highest mountains in the world
  • Awesome and deepest canyons
  • Urban surroundings which include highest buildings and bridges in the world and many other.

Best selfie you’ll ever take

Even if you’re not that into taking pictures and recording every part of your life, this is the thing you’d like to remember forever. No doubt about it. Just imagine the great height and yourself on top of it, green trees and hill steep that looks like it’s falling down into the river. If your zip-line destination is Tara river Bridge you’ll even have one of those Harry Potter looking bridges as your selfie background. How cool is that?

Go pro and zip-line

Like selfie wasn’t enough, Tarasport and its zipline at Tara Bridge in Montenegro offers you funny footage which is provided by go pro camera on your helmet, which is also an obligation since safety of any fellow zip-liner is of the highest importance.

Zip-line really offers nature experience from entirely different perspective that you’re used to and it will cheer you up every time that you remember it, even when you’re back in your office, after amazing team building experience, or when you’re at your home studying for coming exams.

Zip-line is a great way to overcome fear of height

Ok this doesn’t make it especially cool, since it doesn’t include any fun parts for those who have height fright and since it includes facing your worst fears. But even then if it makes you fear less of height and makes you become more comfortable doing some things you couldn’t do before it is kinda cool. What’s even better is that another zip-line in the future might become fantastic and exhilarating experience you’d like to repeat again and again.

Couple of things are for sure when it comes to Zip-Line:

  • you’ll slide above some of the highest possible heights you ever encountered
  • you’ll be having a lot of fun (if you don’t fear the height)
  • you’ll go very fast through the air, feeling like you’re flying
  • scenery from up above is like no other
  • Adrenaline rush is guaranteed
  • Some zip-line ropes are very fast and steep.

If all of this doesn’t make zip line cool enough, than something’s very wrong with the World. Fun guaranteed so don’t waste no time, invite some friends, go for a weekend away and try out zip-line, since you’ve got almost nothing to lose due to very affordable prices.

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