Is Zip-Line safe and what should you know about it?

Is Zip line safe - zip line on djurdjevica tara Bridge

Is Zip-Line safe and what should you know about it?

We already wrote about how and why zip-line is such a great adventure for anyone who wishes to experience something new and get some thrills from sliding across great depths and bridging wide open spaces. Ok, once again we explained in an easy way what zip-line actually is and know it’s time to say few words about the thing everybody’s been wondering. Is zip-line safe? Could it be safe since you’re usually sliding across big gorges or between high objects in nature?

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Here are some useful answers regarding zip-line safety

Yes, zip-line is safe but with just the right amount of danger which makes it so interesting. When we say danger, we mean excitement that comes from the feel of flying and height of Tara River Canyon under the Djurdjevica Tara Bridge where we’re taking you to zip-line.

Even if we exclude Tarasport’s amazing scenery where zip line takes place, this pretty much can be said for other interesting zip-line locations. But you have to know that safety comes from the professionalism of your zip-line hosting club and its guides. Same as it is when it comes to white water rafting safety and other cool nature activities.

Not every zip line location and installation is safe! If your hosts aren’t giving you proper safety briefing or even more importantly proper equipment and advices for your zip-line slide, there’s something wrong and you should definitely avoid them. These errors can be very dangerous since you need to be able to help yourself during some unexpected zip line failure during slide.

So basically it really depends from club to club. Tarasport Rafting Club recommends you to be careful while you choose your zip-line host and we hope that you’ll consider some of this indicators that zip-line host you’re visiting maybe isn’t a wise choice:

  • Location is new and hosts are inexperienced;
  • No one said anything about their safety regulations and zip-line drill, even though you asked them to;
  • Installations and zip-line equipment doesn’t good or it looks used up;
  • Don’t be blind when it comes to other adventurer’s online complaints and reviews about hosts zip-line adventure. If there are complaints about safety or God forbid some real injuries and accidents you should definitely rethink your decision.

You should know these things before zip-line adventure

There are some standard procedures and zip-line regulations that are applicable to any given zip-line club or host, and that should be standard, just like your obligations towards those who are giving their services to you should be obligatory on your side. So listen up.

Here's why zip-line is cool activity


Every zip-line club should have helmets. Some of them are saying that helmets are not necessary because they couldn’t protect you even if accident happens and somebody falls from the great height. All of these are just excuses, especially when it comes to smaller zip-line cables, since there are usually some other obstacles you could possibly hit and falling could be dangerous. Helmet is the basic part of safety equipment for many different sports, and they exist for a good reason.

This also means that you should obey the rules and accept that helmet and wear it all the way during your zip-line slide.

Two locks - if it's smaller zipline

When it comes to smaller zip-lines and those which are barely above the ground, they are often equipped with less necessary tools and equipment, and slide is done without wheel and handles but by the simple lock. If there’s no wheel on the zip-line make sure that your zip-line club uses two locks, which should be locked on the opposite directions. This provides safety if possibly one of them breaks, and the opposite direction locks makes both of them impossible to open, because of the weight or any other reason.

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Listen to your guide and all the safety rules

Of course, there is no need to tell you twice to listen for whatever your zip-line instructor tells you. He’s the one who’s giving you the opportunity to slide across that cable, so he “probably” knows much more about it then you do. Even though you may be experienced zip-line enthusiast, every zip-line is a little bit different, especially when it comes to possible obstacles, so make sure to listen every instruction you can get.

If you get stuck – turn around and pull yourself toward the end of the line

One of the basic methods to cross the zip-line if somehow you get stuck in the middle of the rope is to turn yourself around in your comfy but tight belts, and to use your arm muscles to pull yourself towards the end that you’re trying to reach. This can help your zip-line lock or wheel move a little bit or to simply get you over the gorge or some other wide space.

Be careful once you step on the course (platform)

From the moment you get up on that platform, be very careful. Most of them are not enclosed since it is easier that way to climb up if something happens during “landing” on that platform. Or if it has some kind of railing it is often empty so be careful. Follow the exact instruction you’ve got and feel the adrenaline, but the right kind of it, during your slide and not unnecessary and dangerous fall from the platform.

We hope that these few answers gave you the objective look on the zip-line safety so that you can enjoy it in the right way, and keep in mind that Tarasport offers one of the most amazing zip-lines in the World. Sliding across the 2nd deepest canyon in the World isn’t a small thing. Don’t you agree?

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