Jeep Safari


Jeep Safari with TaraSport represents a unique experience and an exciting drive through the mountainous landscapes with terrain vehicles. There’s no better way to explore inaccessible regions of the National Park Durmitor and National park Sutjeska, then to go for a jeep safari tour.

Jeep Safari offers a unique chance to use off-road vehicles to drive the roads that people rarely use in the untouched nature. This means that alongside beautiful landscapes, you can explore historical monuments in the place where you can enjoy astonishing panoramic views.

National park Sutjeska includes the region around the Sutjeska river basin, parts of mountains Maglić, Volujak and Zelengora, which are hiding true miracles of nature, like the last remaining rainforest of Europe - Perućica, waterfalls, glacial lakes, forests, crystal clear river water and much more.

Durmitor National Park is an authentic nature creation spread over 39000 ha together with Tara canyon, Draga, Sušica and the upper part of Komarnica valley.

Activity description: 
Off-road vehicles and excitement

Wild mountain ranges of Bosnia and Herzegovina and northern Montenegro can be explored in so many different ways. Therefore, among other methods, we prepared exciting Jeep Safari tours for true lovers of good old off-road terrain vehicles. This is a unique way to memorize all of those unforgettable authentic mountain views.

Climbing to the highest mountain villages and Balkan mountain tops, or descent to the wild canyons of our regions are followed by different types of terrain which will provide waves of emotions. Through this unique adventure, you’ll have the chance to explore fantastic natural beauties, cultural treasures of Balkan countries and to give your mouth a proper vacation with our traditional homemade Balkan cuisine.

jeep safari off road
Mountain regions you’ll get to see via Jeep Safari

Nature was rewarding to our little but significant part of the land. Burly Durmitor and timid Zelengora mountains, Vučevo and Ljubišnja, will give you all you could ever want from exciting nature adventure - proud mountain tops, wide green forests and meadows, wild mountain rivers surrounded with steep cliffs and mysterious canyons, crystal clear mountain lakes and loud waterfalls…

All of these you can have on your palm just like a drop of water if you choose to go on a Jeep Safari adventure in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Experienced TaraSport guides know every inch of these mountains so you’ll get proper guidance. Breathtaking views combined with mushroom, meadow plants, and berry picking are waiting for you!

Dusty off-road paths, dynamic terrain vehicles, and nature are calling you for the adventure of a lifetime. Jeep Safari tours with TaraSport are a great way to organize team building activities in nature, or to simply go for a ride with friends and family.

jeep safari mountain
Jeep Safari with Tarasport

Our Jeep Safari tours allow you to go for an unforgettable one-day adventure trip around the natural beauties of Durmitor, Sutjeska, Zelengora, Vučevo, and Ljubišnja.

Right after we gather at our base camp, we start our unique off-road drive through our regions. These tours can last the whole day, from morning time until late afternoon meaning you’ll spend a full day in nature discovering cultural and historical attractions. You’ll even get the chance to take a swim in the ice-cold and crystal clear mountain lakes. After we get really tired and fulfilled with colors and smells of beautiful nature, we head back to our base camp where delicious late lunch will be waiting for us. Can it get better? Come and check it out!

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