Speleology represents the exploration of caves, pits, and other specific karst terrain forms. On one hand, it is a complex science that uses elements of physics, chemistry, geology, and biology. On the other, speleology is an increasingly popular extreme sport that wins people around the world. Namely, constant danger from the escarpment and the difficulty of conquering the unknown terrain attracts adrenaline lovers who descent in caves for recreation.

Speleology expeditions are more than exciting. You are situated in wild nature, in clear air and in a good company where the human foot has not yet set. Speleology teaches you to utterly govern yourself in potentially dangerous situations, and it also increases confidence and psycho-physical shape. The touch of cold rock, unpredictable darkness, and amazing cave ornaments will make you fall in love with this extreme adventure. Strong and agile muscles and joints are also the results of this specific kind of movement along stone walls.

Generous nature around Foča has made numerous caves just as real speleology enthusiasts like them. And because the exploration of natural beauty is our biggest passion and job, we designed an amazing speleo-adventure in these caves.

Activity description: 
For whom are caving tours created for?

Most people have fear of the unknown, hardly conquered, dark and cold areas under the surface of the earth. But not you. They awake curiosity, courage, and boldness in you to start exploring that underground empire. If you see yourself in the second group, then speleology is the right thing for you - it is for anyone who masters special techniques that are always upgrading and perfecting. For this, you will need enthusiasm, mental strength, and stability.  

With skilled and experienced speleologists from TARASPORT you will experience incredible excitement by discovering fascinating cave ornaments, drawings that date from prehistory, and amazing cave flora and fauna. Speleology is for everyone who wants to explore without leaving traces and without disturbing perfect cave harmony, and for those who don’t take what doesn’t belong to them, except authentic photos. Sunrays will have a completely different glow when you get out from deep underground darkness, but pretty soon you’ll want to conquer another hidden underground jewel.

speleology cave
Equipment we're using for Speleology adventure

The most important principle in speleo-adventures is the safety of all participants. Exploring caves started in the late 19th century, and in the last few years, with the development of technology, equipment is perfected and it has become available to speleology lovers all around the world. Basic equipment includes clothes and shoes, and a full set for climbing and descending. For more demanding tours, it is necessary to be equipped with ropes, tools for setting the system and auxiliary equipment.

The temperature in caves is uniform during the year and is around 12° Celsius. Still, the effort warms the bodies of the cavers very quickly, so it’s ideal to wear one-part light sports clothes, rubber boots with anti-slippery soles on climbing shoes. For conquering pits and caves, the double lighting is needed (electric and carbide lamp), as well as a speleological helmet that will save you from escarpment and stones. Along vertical parts of cave walls, we move with the help of a stiff speleological belt, foot-supporters and a chest climber with tines that provide security. Depending on the area, hammers, crowbars, carabiners, anchorages and so on can be used.

speleology equipment