How To Find Us

Short guide for true adventurers

GPS koordinate: Latitude: 43.3611543 | Longitude: 18.8190728 DMS: N43°21’7.78″ E18°49’31.615″

A detailed guide for all travelers

Camping resort HUM FENIX, where our base camp is located too, is located just 800 m away from international border of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. If you're coming from Montenegrian side of border, you should drive via Niksic - Pluzine - Scepan Polje road. Once you passed the border, there's only 800 meters left, and you'll get to our camp. On the other hand, if you're coming from Bosnian side of border, you should travel across Foca, via M-18 road which cointinues through Niksic, Tara Canyon where you'll see both directions well marked. After 30 minute ride, you'll get to small village of Bastasi. After 10 more minutes of driving, on the right side of the road you'll see a traffic sign marked as HUM Fenix.


Make sure to double check your passport or any other personal document, and green card for your car aswell.