Cruising Drina River Canyon - a perfect mixture of peace and wildlife

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  • Open season: April 15th - October 31st
  • Tour difficulty: Easy
  • Scheduled departures: On request
  • Extra: Book additional meals and overnight stays

Have you ever imagined how a perfect day would look like? A day in good company, with family, friends, colleagues, without the daily duties, a day of complete rest and connecting with nature, the most beautiful kind - wild and mountainous. Fill your cells with pure oxygen, and pupils with outstanding beauty that only nature knows how to create.

With TARASPORT you can now afford such day or more days through our Drina River Canyon cruising tour. To take advantage of every moment in the right way we will take breaks for swimming and photography.

This tour can be combined into your holiday or combine it with some of our other arrangements and create a perfect holiday to suit you.

Contact us at and captivate yourself with nature, forever.

  • No previous experience is required
  • The minimum number of participants for the realization of the arrangement is 4 people or you can join an existing group
  • For groups of over 15 people, we grant a group discount.
  • For children up to 12 years old, the price of the tour is reduced by 30% for overnight stay and food services.
  • The maximum number of participants is 40.
  • The departure time is not fixed and may vary depending on the wishes and needs of our guests, as well as in accordance with our overall organization.
  • By agreement, this arrangement can be combined or expanded with other arrangements from our offer.


Tour Length : 
1 day
Price Includes: 
  • Cruise tour on Drina river, 22 km long
  • Professional guide

Price Doesn't Include: 
  • Meals and beverages

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