The true identity of a country can be recognized after trying a homemade meal when visiting a venue with traditional values. A great meal can restore strength and energy, it can prepare you for the challenging day in front of you and also warm you up after an exciting day filled with adventure!

At Outdoor TaraSport we nurture domestic, traditional cuisine, which creates a special feeling of welcomeness and intimacy with our guests. All ingredients are produced in the surroundings of our camp, in the same way our ancestors did, centuries ago. These landscapes represent a rare oasis of unspoiled nature in Europe, so the products of our region are unpolluted and healthy. The meals that we offer to you are made of organically grown fruits, vegetables and meat are grown and raised by the local villagers from Durmitor, Maglić, Zelengora and other highlands nearby.

In addition to delicious meals, we offer you authentic beverages of this region. Homemade brandy called “rakija” will surely elevate the mood (plum brandy, pear brandy, apple, quince) along with wines from the finest wineries. A new trend in our area are local beer brewers who make such good beer, they can definitely put some serious beer brands to shame. Traditional alcoholic drinks are not all that we serve - at our restaurant, you can choose from a variety of fruit juices, warm tea from the best herbs and popular hot beverages.

Fun activities, impressive views, and unique surroundings are an amazing way to get to know our country, but the best way to get to know the people is through food. Food is what brings everyone together and it is our wish to have you join us at the table. Our menu is made with a passion for fine cuisine and the joy of introducing our heritage:

  • For breakfast: uštipci, buns, ham, smoked prosciutto, smoked meat, eggs, sour cream, honey, meadow teas, and sweets of seasonal fruits.
  • For lunch: muffins, cabbage pies, bread under the ashes, various soups, triftarski beans, the roasting veal and lamb meat, lamb and pork, salads.
  • For dinner: a brook trout, polenta, potato under the ashes, roasted lamb, hunter's stew, salads, cheeses, ham and prosciutto from Herzegovina.
  • For dessert: tulumbe, baklava, urmašice.


  • People who are on a special diet should announce this when making a reservation and we will try to respond to your every request and need.
  • We can serve vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and meals for guests who have certain allergies.
  • Groups can be served with other types of meals, depending on the wishes of guests and the camp's abilities.