Environmental Policy

A policy with a clear goal - raise awareness for a cleaner world.

The excellence and beauty of this region lie in the untouched nature, which is nowadays a rare phenomenon. This phenomenon attracts visitors from all around the world for its uniqueness and rightfully enjoys the admiration of everyone who comes.

However, the presence of a man has had an impact. In the last 100 years there has been some degradation of habitats (either directly or indirectly). The changes caused by man's influence can best be seen in gradual disappearance of species that are related to aquatic and forest habitats. For example, Bucephala Clangula (type of duck) does not nest near the Durmitor lakes for the past 50 years. Other than that, the development of tourism and sport in this region rellies on this piece of nature and it is highly important to preserve it in its original form. It is, therefore, our duty to relate to nature with immense love and respect.

Our mission is simple: "Nature is an adventure." We work hard and consistently to implement this mission in our business. All our trips are fully customized so you can experience the best of nature without leaving the slightest trace. Also, we maintain to be a great example by behaving towards nature with the utmost respect.

TaraSport has been raising awareness about keeping our environment clean and intact since founding the company. Before going on any tour, our guides hold a short course on how to behave during the tour, how to use the necessary equipment, but a part of each briefing is also a few words on how to treat nature. All of this is said and done with our best intentions - a few words go a long way for preserving our surroundings. Nature is a part of us as we are a part of nature.

Preserving our environment

Rivers and mountains that surround us are primarily our home, whose beauty we want to share with everyone, but also to preserve them for future generations. Because we truly believe we did not inherit nature from our ancestors - we borrowed it from our descendants. Always remember that man belongs to nature, and not nature to man!

Our guidelines:

  1. Take care of the nature and enjoy its landscapes with all your senses.
  2. Do not break branches and flowers, they are more beautiful in their natural environment.
  3. Do not disturb animals, destroy their habitats or damage the nests - preserve the singing of birds.
  4. Do not pollute rivers, lakes, streams, and springs. Drink water only from trusted and labeled sources.
  5. Do not leave trash in nature, dispose of it in the bins provided for this purpose. If there aren't any bins in your proximity, carry your trash with yourself until you find one - leave behind pure nature.
  6. Do not light a fire except on places marked for that with previous approval from an authorized person. Double-check whether you have put out the fire successfully.
  7. Navigate only on marked trails and roads - the movement of unmarked trails can cause deterioration of nature.
  8. Enjoy the sounds of nature, and do not make unapt noise.
  9. Park your vehicles at the marked places. When you're visiting a natural area, act in harmony with nature and its rules - that way you will not compromise the nature and its ecosystems.


  • National Park Durmitor with Tara River canyon is registered in the list of world natural heritage in 1980.
  • Tara River Basin is registered in 1977 in the network facilities of the biosphere within the UNESCO "Man and Biosphere" (MAB).
  • Rainforest Perućica was declared a strictly protected part of nature that is exclusively used for scientific and educational purposes, in 1952. Two years later this place was taken under the state protection as a natural reserve.
  • National Park Sutjeska is included in the second category IUCN since 2000 (UN Department for protection of nature and natural resources).