These things you need to pack for any nature expedition

Things - equipment you need to bring to a nature expedition

These things you need to pack for any nature expedition

Nature is fun and amazing. Going out in the wild can be an exhilarating experience which can bring out something you did not know about yourself. However, it can be dangerous at the same time, so it is best to out prepared. These are the things you need to pack when exploring nature. Tarasport expeditions and survival tours in nature are great way to test yourself but always make sure to bring things things along:

#1 Water (or some other form of hydration)

Human body is almost ⅔ made of water, so it’s a no brainer that you need water. Exploring can take a lot of energy, especially in extreme weather conditions, not just really warm, but extreme conditions. You would want to bring large amount of liquids, plain water is fine, sports drinks with electrolytes are better. If there are streams or other water surfaces you can bring purifying tablets or water filters.

#2 Food

Water and food, super basic stuff, right. When going out you tend to burn a lot of calories, and you need to replenish them in order to keep going. So pack some snacks, candy (avoid chocolate - it melts), trail mixes, nuts or you can even bring pre-made meals.

#3 Navigation

Nature is fun, getting lost can be fun, but it’s generally not. You don't want to be wandering for hours and wasting your weekend and feeling embarrassed when rescue services find you. Most phones have maps and you should download them for offline use, they also have integrated compass. But if you want to go technology free, bring a good ol’ paper map with you and a compass, just make sure you know how to use them before you head out. There are ways you can orient yourself without one and you should know them, and also hope you won’t need them.

#4 First aid kit

Take a simple first-aid kit with you wherever you go exploring. You don’t really need snake antidote oro something like that, bandages and some painkillers will suffice.

#5 Protection from the sun

Don’t let clouds fool you, getting burned can easily happen even on cloudy days. Put on some sunscreen before going outdoors, also make sure to bring some with you. Sunglasses are a must if you are hiking in snowy conditions or above the treeline. Hats are aslo nice, will keep you safe and stylish.


#6 Rain protection

Weather can be sneaky and creep up on you when you least expect it, especially in the mountains, be sure to dress accordingly. Bring something to protect your gear from rain and keep you warm.

#7 Swiss knife

There is a reason why you know what we mean when we say Swiss knife, and that is exactly why you should bring it with you.

#8 Appropriate shoes

We already said to dress accordingly, but pointing out shoes needs to be done. Good shoes can make a huge difference between having a wonderful exploring experience that lasts for hours and wanting to go home after half an hour because your feet hurt. Bring comfy boots that can protect you.

#9 Good bag

See all of these items? Well you can’t fit them in your pockets, believe us, we tried. You will want to bring a backpack, because shoulder bags with lots of added weight will stress your shoulders and generally make it difficult for you to move around.

#10 The most important thing…

Keep an open mind! Main purpose of exploring is to experience life in a new light, immerse in your surroundings and let yourself be overwhelmed with feelings of joy and happiness. Keeping an open mind will enhance your experience tenfold and you will have great memories.

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