Brown Bear Hunting (ursus arctos) in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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  • Brown bears can be hunted from 1st of October until 15th of May.
  • Brown bear hunts are done from a high hidden ambush.

Four days of Brown Bear Hunting with full accommodation (FB).

Brown bear (Ursus arctos) is the largest land animal of Europe, strong and stocky animal with large head and short, rounded ears. Adult specimens have prominent “hunch” over their shoulders, from where the body line obliquely descend towards paws.

The color varies, so the very light colored (yellowish brown) bears can be found, as well as dark colored (dark brown) and even black colored specimens. The young often have white patches on the neck and breast, which can stay like that their whole lives in some cases.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, brown bear populates mountainous regions that are predominantly covered with forests and various sources of food of plant and animal origin. This is due to the bear’s need for habitats with different characteristics respectively, the different types of forest communities. From mature deciduous stands, primarily species with heavy seeds (oak, beech), to inaccessible mountain regions with places that are suitable for denning because of overly needed peace in that time of year.

Meadowy areas of mountain pastures and brushwoods are also essential in habitats, as well as water sources. For bears, beside the basic elements in habitat, the space is very important that is, possibility of moving in any direction or height, depending on time of the year.

  • The offer can be booked by placing a deposit payment of 30% of the total amount of the booking.


Tour Length : 
4 days
Price Includes: 
  • Invitation letter
  • All documents needed for hunting
  • Professional escort during the hunt
  • Translator
  • Transport from Sarajevo airport / accomodation / hunting ground / Sarajevo airport
  • 4 full accomodations and 4 hunting nights
  • Daily event fee for 4 days of hunting / payment per day
  • Use of off-road vehicle inside the hunting ground
  • Trophy evaluation with preparation
  • Documentation for trphy exportation with sertification CITES
Price Doesn't Include: 
  • Rental of weapons 50 € per day
  • Rental of ammunition 4 € per day
  • All other items that are not included in the arrangement

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