Chamois hunting in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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  • Male chamois hunting season starts on August 1st and ends on November 30th
  • Female chamois hunting season starts on August 1st and ends December 31st
  • Chamois are hunted on an open hunting ground.

4 days of chamois hunting in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Amongst the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina there are different names for male and female chamois, as well as youngling of chamois, and they are often named same as domestic animals - billy goat, goat and goatling.

Chamois populates mountain ranges and you could say that chamois are the perfect symbol of rocky mountain areas of various altitudes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Chamois likes vast areas with high altitude differences, where it can find food in any time of year. The nobility of this wild animal can be seen in the fact that it makes no damages at all in its habitat.

  • The offer can be booked by placing a deposit payment of 30% of the total amount of the booking.


Tour Length : 
4 days
Price Includes: 
  • Invitation letter
  • All documents needed for hunting
  • Professional escort during the hunt
  • Translator
  • Transport from Sarajevo airport / accomodation / hunting ground / Sarajevo airport
  • 4 full accomodations (FB) and 4 hunting nights
  • Daily event fee for 4 days of hunting / payment per day
  • Use of off-road vehicle inside the hunting ground
  • Trophy game evaluation with preparation
  • Documentation for trophy game exportation with sertification CITES
Price Doesn't Include: 
  • Weapon rental - 50 € per day
  • Ammunition rental - 4 € per day
  • All other items that are not included in the arrangement

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