Ostrog and Piva monastery Excursion

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  • Open season: March 1st - October 31st
  • Tour difficulty: Easy
  • Scheduled departures: Every day
  • Extra: Book additional meals and overnight stay

TARASPORT offers you a unique opportunity for a visit to Ostrog and Piva monastery. Ostrog Monastery is considered as the most important and the most sacred place of Orthodox pilgrims, however, people of different faiths from all around the world visit this impressive architectural location every year.

It is located in Montenegro, near Danilovgrad. It consists of a large Lower monastery around the church of the Holy Trinity, and the Upper Monastery, which is located on almost vertical terrain, high in the rock called Ostroška greda.

Contact us at info@tarasportrafting.com and book the most interesting history class you've ever attended.

  • Previous experience is not necessary.
  • The minimum number of participants for the realization of the tour is 4 people or you can join an existing group.
  • The maximum number of participants is 8 - 10  people per guide.
  • For groups with over 15 persons, we approve of a group discount.
  • For children up to 12 years of age, the price of the tour is reduced by 30% for an overnight stay and food services.
  • The departure time is not fixed and may vary depending on the wishes and needs of our guests, as well as in accordance with our overall organization.
  • This tour can be extended and/or combined with other tours from our offer.


Tour Length : 
1 day
Price Includes: 
  • Excursion to Ostrog and Piva monasteries
  • Lunch-to-go
  • Transport in our vehicles regarding the tour
  • A professional guide
  • Free parking for your vehicles at our base camp
  • Free Wi-Fi at the base camp
Price Doesn't Include: 
  • Full HD footage of your excursion taken with GoPro camera is optional and comes with an extra charge
  • Beverages

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