Tara river rafting myth: where does it takes place?

Where is Tara rafting located

Tara river rafting myth: where does it takes place?

For some people this is a no brainer, but for others who are looking to experience rafting on Tara river for the first time, this might be a confusing situation. Since the location of our rafting club is Foča in Bosnia & Herzegovina, many people who know that Tara river “rises” in Montenegro, are confused.

Tara river location and canyon

Therefore, we’ll give you straight answer right awayTara river flows through both of these countries. The only difference is that Tara river is formed naturally in Montenegro, and it is the place where the largest part of the stream flows, while for the last part it makes a natural border between Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina, making it international - Bosnian river too. Does this affect your tara rafting adventure somehow? Let’s find out.

As you know, we always like to say that the only true limits are set by nature. Country borders are merely a product of human minds, and this is why we like to explore nature wherever it is. The same thing is true when it comes to our beautiful Tara river and its wild canyon.

Tara river is formed by rivers Opasnica and Veruša in Montenegro

Tara river rising in Montenegro

Tara river “rises” in Montenegro right below the Komovi mountain, right in the place where two little rivers, called Opasnica and Veruša meet each other. This confluence is the place where Tara river starts its journey through Montenegro. This exact place is the reason why we can organize such exciting rafting tours today.

Tara river crafted it’s way throughout the mountains and stone, forming the largest European canyon, to be able to make its path to finally meet river Drina, Tara river had to make a 146.4 km long trip, and for the most part (around 100 km), Tara river flows in Montenegro.

The last 40 km of the course is the place where it gets confusing

Tara river rafting Montenegro and Bosnia - last 40 km of Tara river course

Even though rafting is available in the upper reaches of the Tara river, the best part actually happens in the last 40 km of the river course. This is the place where all the fun happens, where Tara river exits its canyon, and the place where it gets confusing, because the last 40 km of the Tara river course, is actually located between Montenegro & Bosnia & Herzegovina. This is the place where Tara river makes a natural border between these two countries.

Therefore Tara river becomes international river, connecting two European countries, which were both part of one, bigger country about 20 years ago. But this isn’t our topic.

There’s no real boundaries

Reka Tara granica Crne Gore i Bosne i Hercegovine

If there’s no human or better said political boundaries, then there’s no boundaries for rafting and enjoying natural beauties, like Tara river really is. We could be located in Montenegro, or we could be located in Foča (Bosnia & Herzegovina), like we already are, Tara river is without a doubt part of both of these two countries, and the most exciting rafting part is right between them.

We’re happy to see you here, so if you need any more persuasion, just check out why rafting on Tara river is so amazing, and why shoud you experience it at least ones! See you!

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