How many people can fit in one inflatable raft for rafting?

How many people can fit in rafting boat

How many people can fit in one inflatable raft for rafting?

How many people can fit in one raft is the question that many future rafters ask once they start to organize their first rafting trip. Usually, it is the question of those who are trying to squeeze as much as people as they can. Anyway, this isn’t the problem, since we’re always following all of the most important safety rafting rules.

How many people can fit in one inflatable raft - whitewater rafting boat

Here are several answers to this question regarding various types of inflatable rafts, but the main answer is that inflatable rafts for whitewater rafting can fit 4 - 8 people. Depending of the activity you’re looking for. Our, Tarasport club offers various types of rafting adventures in Montenegro, so you could choose it at your own pace.

Inflatable rafting boats have many variations

It’s not the question of how many people can fit in one inflatable raft, it is the question which inflatable raft are we talking about. Since there are different sizes of inflatable boats, designed for different purposes, there are several answers for this question.

These are the most common types of inflatable rafts:

  1. Whitewater rafting inflatable rafts
  2. Life Rafts
  3. Catarafts
  4. Small inflatable rafts for kids

Standard inflatable rafting boat can fit from 6 to 8 people

In case of small inflatable rafts for kids with length of around 1.5 m, answer is simple. Usually you can fit up to 4 kids between age of 4 and 8, while there is enough safe space for two or three children of age 9 to 12. We strongly recommend you to always monitor your kids while they’re in an inflatable raft, and to never let them by themselves if you’re floating in the river. These advices apply for steady waters only.

Catarafts are usually built of metal frame with two inflatable pontoons on the both sides of its metal frame. These pontoons are made of the same inflatable material as regular whitewater rafting boats, while the middle area is made for sitting. Sitting part of Catarafts is made to hold only a couple of rafters, while only one man actually rows at the time. His name is Oarsman. We’re not using this type of floating rafts at our rafting club but usually it is smaller than regular ones that we use.

We could say a lot about life rafts, but they’re not the topic you’re probably looking for. Anyway, inflatable life rafts comes at all sizes, from the biggest round ones which can fit up to 20 or more people, which are used as a temporary station until the other, standard inflatable life raft comes to pick them up.

Usual whitewater rafting boats / rafts can fit up to 8 people

Rafting čamac na naduvavanje primi od 6 do 8 ljudi - Tarasport rafting Tarom

Our passion is rafting. This is the main reason why we started to develop a lot of different nature adventures. You should know that our professional, IRF licensed rafting guides are always ready to provide an answer to all of your questions. They’ll never try to fit more people than it is recommended, and all of that considering weather conditions, water volume and rafting difficulty at the time.

Our inflatable rafts usually fit 6 - 8 people. But it is generally a rule that more people in an inflatable rafting boat can often mean easier rolling over if the weight of those people and their rowing strength are not balanced properly. Rafting guide is located in the back, while the rafters are sitting on the both sides of the raft. On the other hand, less people in the raft can mean easy rolling over after hiting a faster river rapid.

Key is balance - like in every other aspect of life. Balancing all of the inflatable rafts sides, age, and gender will be very important for the performance of your rafting boat.

Inflatable rafting boat in Tarasport rafting club will almost always fit 6 rafters with 1 instructor (IRF licensed guide). This just the perfect amount of people for every situation you can encounter during whitewater rafting.

But if you’re planning to come here with larger group of people, you should know that we have a lot of rafting boats, which means that all of you can go together and have the best time of your life. See ya!

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