Universal hunter's code of conduct - ethical rules of hunting
10. Feb 2017.

For many people around the world, hunting is becoming a very questionable area of outdoor activities. Everybody has an opinion, and that’s fine. But as long as hunting is legal, and you’re following all the rules and most importantly hunter’s code of conduct, everything is alright.

The most beautiful mountains in Montenegro
10. Feb 2017.

Many of our tours include mountain exploring in Montenegro and Bosnia, since these regions have mostly mountainous terrain characteristics. Tara Sport can take you hiking across these mountains in Montenegro, or make you search them entirely through our thorough nature expeditions or

How to build a campfire in any weather condition
10. Feb 2017.

Building a campfire can sometimes be tricky considering different environment, weather and terrain conditions. Of course, there are certain universal rules how to build a campfire in general, which you can find useful if you find yourself in the wilderness.

Najpoznatija lovišta na svetu
10. Feb 2017.

Where to hunt is a question for million dollars. Of course, you can probably find some interesting hunting grounds in your area, and you can enjoy hunting there, but there are some hunting destinations that are every hunter’s dream. Which are those? Stick with us a little bit longer and find out what are the most popular hunting destinations in the World.

Hotel vs Rafting accommodation
10. Feb 2017.

Some would say that this is impossible answer to give. And mostly they’re right since the guests who go to a hotel more often than camping are completely different than those who choose camping before cosy hotel accommodation. But, this is not our worry today. All we want to do is to help you decide what is the best accommodation style for you.