tips for winter hiking in Montenegro
10. Feb 2017.

Oh, that beautiful hiking. Tough but always beautiful! We meet again. This won’t be a long post since the most things you can learn about winter hiking are the facts you’ll hear from our professional hiking guides and group leaders once you come to Montenegro for a hike.

How to spend a day in rafting camp Tara river
10. Feb 2017.

Rafting down Tara river isn’t the only chance of fun you’ll get to experience if you decide to visit Tarasport rafting camp. No, it’s just the beginning of an amazing rafting adventure on Tara river which contains many excitements and little adventures. One of them is our beautiful rafting camp in Bastasi bay.

The most beautiful Canyons in the Balkans
10. Feb 2017.

We’re all about nature. You probably got this from our blog posts in the past. We love nature so much that we want to talk about it with you, even though it doesn’t necessarily include nature we can offer to you. This is why we decided to make a little list of the most beautiful canyons in the Balkans.

Preparation and proper clothing for Zip line
10. Feb 2017.

One of many concerns that our visitors usually have before they finally come to our adventure club in Montenegro, is the one about proper clothing and preparation for zip-line adventure. Ziplining can be perceived as extreme, so many adventurers were worried if zip-line is safe, or what can they do to make the

Universal hunter's code of conduct - ethical rules of hunting
10. Feb 2017.

For many people around the world, hunting is becoming a very questionable area of outdoor activities. Everybody has an opinion, and that’s fine. But as long as hunting is legal, and you’re following all the rules and most importantly hunter’s code of conduct, everything is alright.