When is the best time to go canyoning in Montenegro?

The best time for canyoning, when to go?

When is the best time to go canyoning in Montenegro?

We spoke a lot about various aspects of canyoning. How did it become such a popular outdoors sport, when did it become popular, what are the proper canyoning techniques, why is it so cool to go canyoning in Montenegro and Balkans in general, but we didn’t say much about the right time to go canyoning.

So, if you’re wondering when to book canyoning Montenegro arrangement, stick up with us a little bit longer and find out when to go canyoning.

When to go canyoning in Montenegro? The best time for canyoning

So what is the right time to explore beautiful canyons of Montenegro? Here’s an explanation about what are the factor that can decide whether to go on a canyoning trip or not, and when’s best time to do it.

Water volume affects the decision

Just like we said once before, when we talked about rafting safety, river volume and complexity, the same thing is applicable to canyoning. Water level is important factor when you’re deciding when to go canyoning. Since canyons are creations vastly made of running water power, many of them have strong rivers running at the bottom.

Since there are 4 seasons of the year in Montenegro, there are different water volume periods. The early months of the year are simply impossible for canyoning, while the spring months offer high level water volume which can be tricky, and too hard for some inexperienced fellow canyoneers, but for some professionals too. This is the fact that’s valid for almost all continental climate regions in the northern hemisphere of the Earth.

Having in mind that water level slowly decline as the year goes on, you should make your canyoning timing decision according to this fact. Still every region has its own characteristics, just like canyons do. For example, our most popular canyoning tour includes exploring of Canyon Nevidio, which has the parts of canyon that are vary narrow and only 0.5 m wide, but still more than 300 m deep. Maybe you’ll get the idea that it doesn’t matter if the water level is high since some parts are deep anyway, but actually you should still consult our Tarasport operators just to make sure if it’s safe to go canyoning. There are perfect conditions for canyoning, and we follow them for safety reasons of course.

Temperature and weather conditions too

Just like water level makes a decision if it’s safe enough to go, weather conditions do too. For example, just like we said above, winter months are out of question. Not just that water is cold but weather conditions in Montenegro and atmosphere temperature are very important. Temperatures can often go below zero, and if you know that river is chilly during summer too, you can get the idea what happens during winter, when it comes to canyons in Montenegro.

Spring months become more appropriate, while summer is pretty much perfect for everybody. Montenegro is a country that offers various options during all seasons of the year. Highest mountain’s where you can enjoy and try winter sports, beautiful sea shore for summer vacation, and extraordinary nature that you can explore with Tarasport rafting and adventure club during spring, summer and fall.

Canyoning is just one of them, and just like we said above, if you’re sensitive to the cold, maybe you should consider late spring and summer as a perfect time to go canyoning.

Best months to go canyoning in Montenegro

Ok we can slowly sum it all up. We think you’ve already got your answer about the weather in Montenegro, temperatures and water level of Montenegro rivers, which can affect the decision. But when is best time to go canyoning? It’s pretty much your personal decision, if you know all of those facts mentioned above.

Spring, summer and early fall are all great for canyoning. It only takes one call to Tarasport to check out what are the weather conditions at the moment, and your preferences about the temperature, insolation intensity and your days off.

We’re always ready to make your vacation count for something, and your canyoning experience unforgettable, since all of the necessary canyoning equipment is here. All that is left is your good mood, determination and canyoning in Montenegro will be great nature adventure!