5 most beautiful panoramic views in Montenegro

The most beautiful panoramic views in Montenegro

5 most beautiful panoramic views in Montenegro

Montenegro may not be a big country when it comes to its size, but her natural beauties speak in the name of the whole Montenegro. It is mainly mountainous country with astonishing mountain peaks, beautiful mountain rivers, canyons and other gems of nature. With these characteristics, you can only imagine how beautiful panoramic views are!

So that's the exact topic we're talking about today - outstanding views of Montenegro. one of the main goals of Tarasport rafting club is to make sure that our guests see as much as possible of our beautiful Montenegro. No matter if it's an exciting jeep safari tour or hiking and zip-line adventure.

Here are the most beautiful panoramic views in Montenegro.

#1 Kotor city and its magnificent bay

Kotor bay and old city view

Kotor Bay is among the most beautiful sea bays in the world. Tucked away by the strong Adriatic currents it was home and a perfect hideout for various rulers, nations, and kingdoms during past 2000 years. It's the most beautiful part is the ancient city of Kotor, tucked away in the farthest corner of Kotor bay.

Its position tells the story for itself, knowing that this was a perfect location to build one of the most important trading centers in the Adriatic sea during medieval times. Its cold stone walls are just a grumpy exterior which radiates welcoming vibes throughout the universe, while every curve of the city tells a unique, centuries old. story.

Well, you can combine both of these jewels together, if you decide to climb above the city and capture the most amazing panoramic view ever. Feel the divine! This is Montenegro.

#2 Lovćen and Njegoš mausoleum

Welcome to the highest mountain peak of Montenegro. This is Lovćen. Famous for many historic and natural reasons, Lovćen is the place where lays one of the most important leaders in the Balkans. Petar Petrovic II Njegos. Njegoš was beloved leader, vladika and poet from Montenegro, who wanted to be buried in the completely different manner, but when his church was ruined during World War, there was nothing left but for Montenegrians to build him beautiful mausoleum at the top of the highest mountain in Montenegro.

Even though Njegos mausoleum is cool by itself, wait to see astonishing views of Montenegro when you get here. We can guarantee, it will be like nothing you've seen before. Almost entire Montenegro can be seen from this point of view.

#3 Djurdjevica Tara Bridge

panoramic view of Montenegro

One of our favorites from this list is definitely Djurdjevica Tara Bridge, where the most exciting zip-line in Europe takes place. Tarasport's offer for zip-line Montenegro includes sightseeing alongside Tara river and imminent adrenaline rush during zip-line across the 2nd deepest canyon in the World! Yea that's right, this is the pure beauty of Tara River Bridge. It spans across the Tara River Canyonwhere exciting Tara rafting takes place too.

Feel the power and excitement like you have never felt before. Only on Tara river bridge!

#4 Durmitor National Park

Many of our Jeep Safari tours go to the Durmitor National Park, where you start to explore real beauties of Montenegro nature. Some of the species you can find on Durmitor mountain are endemic and very rare. Even though it's one of the highest mountains in the Balkans, you can still find useful resting points where you can go for an easy walk and rest, after a demanding hiking or trekking tour.

Even though we saw it all so many times, it still manages to surprise us by its beauty. Speechless is a mild word to describe the feeling you'll get once you climb up and explore Durmitor mountain and its national park. Be prepared to go skiing at winter, and to go for long walks with Tarasport during other months.

#5 Ostrog Monastery

Monastery Ostrog in Montenegro

Ostrog Monastery is a must see in Montenegro if you get to chance to explore this part of the country. Just imagine the effort monks put into making this beautiful church carved in stone, on terrain so difficult to approach that even today cars have limited access, while buses can go just up to some point of the way up. Not to mention the fact that two buses cannot pass one each other if they go up and down simultaneously. That's why buses are coordinated to go in one direction in the arranged period of time.

Anyway, Ostrog was built around 859., and it is known as a place where true miracles happen. A lot of the credits go to Saint Vasilije Ostroski, known as a miracle maker among the orthodox followers. Many orthodox Christians go on a pilgrimage to the Ostrog Church so they could attend church liturgy and heal their problems.

Besides the cool story and amazing looks of Ostrog Church, if you climb up, you're bound to fall in love with the view of Montenegro.

What are you waiting? Come explore Montenegro and its beautiful corners! Tarasport already has the plan how you can do it. In fact, we've got several offers made for you! Enjoy!