Hotel vs Rafting accommodation
10. Feb 2017.

Some would say that this is impossible answer to give. And mostly they’re right since the guests who go to a hotel more often than camping are completely different than those who choose camping before cosy hotel accommodation. But, this is not our worry today. All we want to do is to help you decide what is the best accommodation style for you.

The most exciting rafting rivers in Europe
10. Feb 2017.

What are the most exciting white water rafting rivers in Europe? We’ll tell ya. Why? Because we know it and we like to share! Tara Sport rafting club is coming from Europe, and more precisely, from mountainous Balkans where many wild rivers are born. One of them is probably the most amazing rafting river in Europe.

Legendary off road vehicles for Jeep safari
10. Feb 2017.

From the very beginnings of famous safari tours in Africa, we’ve grew accustomed to the fact that there are probably going to be some good off-road vehicles, which can overcome any obstacle. That’s very much the truth and necessity when you go off road to explore nature in a very different environment than you’re used too.

Natural wonders of Europe - nature attractions you must see in Europe
10. Feb 2017.

It would be unfair to say that only Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina have unrealistic natural beauties. We appreciate nature wherever it is, and this is why we present to you the most iconic natural wonders of Europe you need to see at least once.

Tricks for camping - camping hacks for camping in nature
10. Feb 2017.

Ok, you're in the woods. Going camping with your buddies or family. Suddenly it starts to rain. You slip on the wet ground, mud's all over you and that's not even the worst part. Your toilet paper slips from your hand and gets all wet! Guess what? We can help you prevent these situations with useful tricks for camping.