The most beautiful mountains of Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina

The most beautiful mountains in Montenegro

The most beautiful mountains of Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina

Many of our tours include mountain exploring in Montenegro and Bosnia, since these regions have mostly mountainous terrain characteristics. Tara Sport can take you hiking across these mountains in Montenegro, or make you search them entirely through our thorough nature expeditions or entertain you with our fun jeep safari tours. But why should you do it? The answer is very easy! Because these are the most beautiful mountains of our region, with outstanding scenery, nature characteristics and opportunities for adventure in nature.

Check out the most beautiful mountains of Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina which are often located between these two states. Also, these are the things you shouldn’t miss while you’re exploring these mountains.

#1 Durmitor (Montenegro)

Highest Mountain Peak of Montenegro - mountain Durmitor National Park

Of course that we’re mentioning Durmitor mountain first, since it is the largest and most beautiful National Park of Montenegro. Located in the northwest of Montenegro, right above the exciting Tara river, it is the place of many natural beauties and scenery that will take your breath away. It is among the most popular nature expedition destinations in Europe. Many biologist and geographers organize their tours here, since they can explore various endemic species, and thick pine forests which surround the foothill of Durmitor.

Bobotov Kuk is worldwide known mountain peak, and it is the highest mountain peak of Durmitor and Montenegro, with its 2523 meters.

#2 Zelengora (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Zelengora mountain and beautiful lakes of Zelengora in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Have you ever heard of 9 lakes of Zelengora? We have, it is one of the most exciting tours we organize here at Tarasport. Just like its name says, it includes natural phenomenon located on Zelengora mountain, with it’s dreamy lakes. Is there any better reason to decide to visit is, besides its lakes and green mountain meadows? Yes there is! It is the fact that Zelengora mountain and its highest peak of 2014 m is a part of National Park Sutjeska in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

This NP includes one of the last remaining rainforests in Europe. Besides that, few more mountain peaks we should mention are Vilnjak, Stog, Orlovac, Planinica, Klek itd. What better can we say about it?

#3 Maglić (Montenegro & Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Highest Mountain in Bosnia & Herzegoina - mountain Maglic

We don’t know which of these mountains should brand as the prettiest, but they’re all defenitely impressive. Just like Durmitor has the highest mountain peak of Montenegro, Maglić mountain is the highest mountain of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Maglić is 2386 m high, and it is located on the border of Montenegro and Bosnia, just like few other mountains on this list are.

It is surrounded by many different mountains and rivers. Of course, river Sutjeska is one of its natural borders in the west. So you could say that Maglić is almost part of the National Park Sutjeska. Beauty isn’t questionable.

#4 Volujak (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Volujak - the most beautiful mountains of Montenegro & Bosnia

When it comes to hiking around here, Volujak is more popular than some other mountains. Hikers love it for its steep rugged cliffs. It is famous for its green grassland combined with white rocks, and various vegetation up to the altitude of 1.600 m. This is why more experienced hikers love it. Not just that you’ll have to walk and even climb some parts, you’ll have to go through dense forests and trees which makes the road more difficult. Anyway, whether you like hiking or not, Volujak is beautiful.

#5 Komovi (Montenegro)

Mountain Komovi in Montenegro - source of Tara river

Famous mountain Komovi is known for its idyllic green slopes and rocky top. Ok, it’s famous because of that and one other thing. Komovi mountain is the source of the river Tara, known for exciting rafting tours.

It is located in eastern Montenegro, and its highest mountain peak, called Kucki Kom, is 2487 m high.

#6 Ljubisnja (Montenegro & Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Mountain Ljubisnja on the border of Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina

Ljubisnja mountain is located on the exact border of these two countries and it provides outstanding views of this whole region. Wavy hills with planes filled with wild horses and green forests is the sight you’ll remember. No question about it.

Ljubisnja is surrounded by Tara river canyon and Cehotina, and it is home for many different types of trees and forests, but it’s important to state that you can here find even beech and oak in the foothill of the mountain. Ljubisnja is 2238 m high.

#7 Bjelasnica (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Bjelasnica mountain in Bosnia & Herzegovina - skiin

Last but not least, there’s mountain Bjelasnica in Republika Srpska, also known for its winter activities and ski resort. If you like winter, we can only recommend it for you. If you don’t believe us, believe the picture you’re seeing.

Bjelasnica mountain is located in the center of Bosnia and Herzegovina, not far from Sarajevo, and it gave name for the whole range of smaller mountains and hills around. Its highest peak is 2067 m high, and we can guarantee that you’ll love it, no matter what are the weather conditions and season of the year.

We didn’t put mountain Prokletije on the list since we don’t organize any tours to visit Prokletije, and since the vast majority of it’s size is located in southern part of Kosovo and northern part of Albania, which are not our main topic today. But still, Prokletije are beautiful, harsh mountains, without any doubt.

So what do you think about these mountains in Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina? Do you think you’ll like them? If you do, book your outdoor arrangement now and enjoy the views, the feels and presence of nature around. If not, give it a try sometime. See you there!