Great reasons to go hunting and fishing in Montenegro

Why should you try hunting and fishing in Montenegro

Great reasons to go hunting and fishing in Montenegro

Hunting and fishing are often the main reasons why some people travel all across the World. Passionate hunters can’t wait for hunting season to start so that they could gather again and go in the wilderness for some new experiences and simple rest. Often they get bored by the usual terrain and nature surroundings, so they decide to travel around the World for new species and locations. One of those hunting destinations is ours! Hunting and fishing in Montenegro, Bosnia, and Balkans, in general, is big, and it is one of the top locations you can find for hunting.

Hunt in Montenegro at Tarasport

Hunting grounds are everywhere around the Balkans and especially on the tripoint of Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Mountains that surround this area are large, woods are deep and wild, and rivers are fast and clean! So, besides what we already said, here’s a couple of concrete reasons to go hunting and fishing in the Balkans, or better said on the tri-junction of countries mentioned above, and of course hunting and fishing arrangements at Tarasport adventure club.

A chance to experience hunting, fishing, and rafting all at once

One of the main reasons why you should go hunting at Tarasport and Bosnia and Montenegro, is the opportunity to mix many different nature adventures all at once. There aren’t many places around the World that can offer a passionate hunter an opportunity to try out the wildest river rafting, canyoning, and other nature adventures during their hunting and fishing arrangement. That is exactly why you should visit hunting grounds in the Balkans, and especially in Bosnia and Montenegro. This fact speaks for the beautiful nature itself.

White water rafting on Tara river is famous for a good reason. Rafting through the largest canyon in Europe and during the 4-5 river complex, really is something to remember. If you add up a canyoning experience in the Nevidio Canyon of Montenegro and exciting hunting in our hunting locations, the adventure is complete!

Rich, clean and crystal clear rivers of Montenegro and Bosnia

Fishing in Montenegro and Bosnia at Tarasport

If you ever decide to try out fishing inMontenegroo and Tarasport in Foca, you should know that these aren’t rivers that many fishers are used to. These are the cleanest rivers in Europe. Couple of them are even safe for drinking right out of the river stream, while you patiently wait for your fish to catch the bait. Rivers like Tara, Drina, Sutjeska and Piva are home for sprout, brown trout, grayling, nase fish, barbell, chub and others.

You should know that fishing in some of these rivers is allowed only with artificial lures due to environment regulations. But you don’t need to worry because your guide will take you through every step and regulation you need to get familiar with. Your only worry should be how to catch some beautiful specimens.

Animal diversity and large variety of quarry

As we already mentioned above, about fish though, animal variety on our hunting grounds is large. If you decide to go hunting in Montenegro or hunting in Bosnia and Balkans in general, you should know that forests and other hunting grounds are home for some of the rarest, protected species as it is home for those which are completely allowed to be hunted.

Once again, you shouldn’t worry about regulations since you’ll hear them all once you get here, but a simple phone call and instructions on our website should be enough to get the idea of regulations and species you can find here. For example, quarry that many hunters wish to hunt when they come in Montenegro and Bosnia, at Tarasport are: brown bear, deer, wild boar, chamois, wolf, fox, stone and pine marten, badger and more, and when it comes to birds there are black grouse, quail, partridge and rock partridge and more.

Hunter's pray - bird hunting Montenegro

Environment and location of Tarasport camp and hunting grounds

Once you come in Montenegro and especially in Foca in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you’ll get the idea why nature adventures are so famous around here. Nature itself is enough to enjoy your stay. You don’t need to do anything else and you’ll feel relaxed. But when you go to your hunting route, things become different. Anyway, some of the most amazing nature creations can be found around the tripoint of Montenegro, Herzegovina and Serbia. Canyons, rivers, mountains and woods are splendid.

Tallest mountain peaks of Durmitor, Zelengora and Maglić mountain are waiting to be conquered and explored, while deepest canyon and most impressive rivers like Tara river are waiting to be experienced via rafting tour.

Once you’re finished with your hunting and fishing adventure, you can choose to explore other nature scenery we already mentioned, or you can decide to go to Sarajevo, Mokra Gora and Shargan 8 or maybe further to the Adriatic Sea. If you decide to go swimming in the Adriatic sea you won’t be staying with us, but the knowledge that we managed to make your stay and hunting experience great so that you could continue your vacation on the Montenegrian shore of Adriatic Sea, makes us even more proud.