Here’s why cruising is such a perfect kind of excitement

River cruising in Montenegro and Bosnia

Here’s why cruising is such a perfect kind of excitement

Some would even say: “relaxed excitement”This witty name sums it all up. If you wish to relax, cruising is there. If you long for the excitement and stepping out of the everyday routine, cruising is there. And if you wish to go to the most beautiful parts of our God-given exciting nature during vacation, cruising is there! Looks like we already wrapped up the whole blog. Doesn’t it?

Cruising in Montenegro and Bosnia on Piva lake and Drina river cruise

The truth is somewhere in between because we’re famous for our adrenaline pumped nature adventures, and everyone can agree that cruising tours can be a little bit slow. But that’s exactly the way cruising tours are supposed to be.

This is why we feel obligated to let our readers, and hopefully, new visitors, know that we appreciate whole variety of nature adventures. We don’t need an adrenaline rush to enjoy nature and to feel excited! There is a whole other part of nature and opportunities that we like to explore. And the best thing is that we’re not selfishly keeping it to ourselves since we’re organizing some of the most beautiful arrangements for river cruising in Montenegro and Bosnia.

So without going down that road that “nature itself is enough for everyone to feel excited” (even though that might be the truth), here are a couple of reasons why cruising is such a perfect kind of excitement in nature, especially if you’re already in the nature and you’re lovin’ it there!

A little bit different angle and view of nature

As you know, nature comes in all forms and shapes. In fact those forms and shapes are that very nature to begin with, which means that you can explore it in different kinds of way. But, without being to philosophic we’ll only say that the glimpse of green and steep mountain slopes are completely different if you’re watching them from the boat on the crystal clear and fresh river, while your boat slowly approaches them.

Cruising sounds interesting right away, doesn’t it? Sounds, looks and smells of nature are very unique when you’re slowly cruising down the river. But we don’t want to ruin your experience. We’ll let you experience it.

Cruising lets you explore both the cultural and natural attractions

This fact doesn’t necessarily apply on every cruising arrangement since there are various cruising types and variations you can try. But the ones that Tarasport is offering are those that can guarantee cultural sites exploring alongside beautiful nature.

When you choose one of our three arrangements you get the opportunity not just to explore the nature beauties of Piva lake and Piva river on the one hand or Drina Canyon and Drina lake on the other hand, but you can explore cultural and historic monuments like the town of Višegrad and its centuries-old Mehmet Paša Sokolović Bridge.

Beautiful Montenegro river cruising - Piva Lake

There are plenty of other excursion possibilities like there are many other cultural attractions that you can explore by cruising around the world.

History and Geography lovers couldn’t imagine a better way of excitement than river cruises with smaller or bigger boats, depending on their needs and wishes, which allows them to come off board if needed, and walk around woods, mountain peaks or to explore medieval castles, fortresses, and bridges.

Cruising is a perfect contrast to demanding rafting experience

We cannot talk about boats and rivers without mentioning rafting as a primary Tarasport adventure. Although many are expecting that we only enjoy wild rivers, fast river currents, and mountain rapids, it isn’t the whole truth. Ok, the level of excitement is not the same if you compare rafting and cruising boats or if you compare them as river adventures. But still, cruising is exciting enough for those who are not ready to try out wilder rivers and adrenaline sports, while cruising is also great as a follow-up nature tour.

Just imagine giving it all away during rafting tour, and then completely changing the pass another day, with relaxing cruising and totally different but still exciting river experience. Try it, we assure you that you won’t make a mistake since we’re famous for successfully matching our visitors' needs.

It’s suitable for all groups of people

Families with children are very welcome. We wouldn’t recommend families to try rafting unless Tara river is calm and slower, but river cruising is appropriate for all ages. What’s even better you don’t need to be physically prepared to go on a cruising tour. Whether you’re going on a cruising tour in Montenegro and Bosnia, or whether you’re going on a cruise anywhere else around the world, nobody would ask for your physical condition.

You’re there to make some new memories, relax and to have fun. Looks like we just described Tarasport adventure club. Come join us and get entertained on a fun, and exciting way.