5 reasons why horse riding is a great nature adventure

Why you should try horse riding in the mountains of Montenegro

5 reasons why horse riding is a great nature adventure

Horse riding is a little bit forgotten nature activity but an inspiring and beautiful one! Once upon a time horses were the only method of transportation besides walking. No matter if we rode horses or they pulled carriages, horses were essential. But don’t think that just because people nowadays use a different kind of horsepower that they’re not important anymore! That’s simply not true. If you even try to look at the bigger picture, besides the horse’s beauty and nobleness that they inspire, biodiversity is also an important point of view when it comes to wild horses.

Beautiful horse on a ranch Montenegro horse riding

Today, people enjoy horses a little bit differently. Besides their use, especially in smaller agricultural households, horses are bred in different kinds of environment and for different purposes. Also, besides biodiversity in the wilderness, horses are raised by people in their stables, ranches and other types of households. We love them because they’re gracious, beautiful and so that we could feel how everyday life ran before.

Here’s a couple of reasons why horse riding in Montenegro is great family or friend group activity in nature that you’ll wish to try. Or anywhere else you’d like to go.

#1 Nature exploring and beautiful landscapes

Horse riding is all about bonding with nature and experiencing it at its best. Ranches, where most beautiful horses are taken care of, offer unique opportunity to connect with nature and to feel like you’re right where you should be forever! Even if you’re the type of person who lived his whole life in a big city and urban surroundings, you’ll feel like you grew up on a farm and lived among those horses.

Beautiful nature scenery that you’ll encounter on your horse riding expedition is a bonus that’ll make you wish this expedition would never end.

#2 You’ll learn the basics of horse riding and it isn’t hard at all!

Any professional horse enthusiast and in this case owner and horse trainer will help you master a few basic rules and techniques when it comes to horse riding. Even if you never had the opportunity to try horse riding, it won’t be hard. If it’s needed and you’re too scared, even then you’ll be able to enjoy horse riding since you can have an instructor right beside you at any time. The instructor will guide you through every step, and on the top of that, you’ll get all the information about landscapes you’re riding through. Can it be better?

#3 Horse riding among wild horses

Many landscapes that you’ll get to explore have wild horses too. There’s something so appealing when it comes to wild horses running through the beautiful, green mountain meadows. Their freedom is calling us, their freedom reminds us about who we were, and more importantly what we have become.

Wild horse’s spirit is something many search for, and manage to get only the glimpse of it through different types of lifestyles and everyday activities, but the sad part is that we’ll probably never get the opportunity to become free like them. That ship has sailed millenniums of years ago. But the very fact that we’re trying to accomplish ourselves as free people, makes it all a little bit better. This is why all of us at Tarasport are happy to have the opportunity to help others to fulfill their needs and wish to explore nature, and eventually become one with it. Or at least try to do it!

wild horses on the mountain meadows and horse riding tour

#4 You’ll get to know the history of the landscape and experience simpler times

Horse riding is an activity that connects you with the history of beautiful landscapes you explore, with ancient and recent history, with nature itself and it gives a little bit different experience than you’d get if you decide to go on a walk through nature or jeep safari for that matter. It gives you the opportunity to experience how life ran for a long, long time before cars and modern transportation vehicles, machines and even electricity.

We like to say that those were the simpler times. But were they really? If you think about it, all the important and essential everyday things that we sometimes give ourselves the right to overlook would take days in the past to be accomplished. Just think about that for a second. Yes, we’re swamped with day to day information, amount of work because of the new speed of life, but are you really able to live in the style of 1800s, 1700s or even earlier? Horse riding tour can give you a glimpse of those past times, an opportunity to decide whether your life is good as it is!

#5 Mix vacation, physical activity, and never-ending fun

Horse riding tours are a perfectly balanced group of activities and adventures. You’re able to go for an interesting vacation in nature when you choose horse riding tours. If you look at it that way, the horse riding opportunity itself means that you chose your vacation in exceptional nature surrounding.

Whether you decided to go on some natural summer destination, or you chose to come to Montenegro for fresh mountain air and astonishing scenery as a part of horse riding trip, you still have the chance to enjoy even more. You have the opportunity to mix your tour with other great adventures like rafting, zip-line, canyoning, and many other tours.

Physical activity that comes out of horse riding expeditions isn’t something you should take lightly. Be prepared to have sour legs and stomach muscles for a day or two, since riding a horse activates many different groups of muscles in our body.

The fun part is actually the most important part of your horse riding trip. What’s the point of riding a horse, going through hell of a trip to get there and to explore nature if you’re not having fun. But we can assure you that that’s not possible. If you think about it, it’s probably the first thing you wanted to do as a child, when you saw a western movie or Lucky Luke cartoon.

Horses and nature are waiting for you!