Exciting rafting movies you need to see

rafting movies

Exciting rafting movies you need to see

You may be surprised to hear that there are movies about rafting, and you are probably wondering are there really that many movies about rafting that you could make an entire list? You’d be surprised. Why wouldn’t there be movies portraying this fun activity. Adrenalin, fast rivers, beautiful landscapes which captivate everyone’s attention. The perfect ingredients for an exciting movie, right? Take a look at some of the best rafting movies that you will love.

Need not to remind you that this amazing and fun activity can be done right here on Tara river. So be sure to schedule your next rafting tour.

The River Wild

A tense thriller in which a young family on a rafting adventure in Montana becomes the victim of dangerous fugitives who take them hostage. Rafting tour- a birthday present for their ten-year-old son - turns into a nightmare. Two armed killers take control of the boat and try to force the mother, who has rich rafting experience to utilize her skills and to help them to escape a series of treacherous rapids. We don't know whether she has an IRF licence or not, but our guides do!

It is not the plot what makes this film the best river movie of all time. It's amazing cinematography will make you feel as if you were in the rivers of western America.

rafting movies


Four friends decide to escape from work, their women and children for a week and go on a rafting adventure in rural Georgia, on a team building trip down a river that will soon disappear due to construction of a hydroelectric power plant. During the descent down the river, locals do not welcome them with much hospitality. They follow them, and eventually savagely attack them in the woods. When our heroes finnaly recover from the ambush, they try to return home, but are surrounded by dangerous rapids and chased by a madman. Soon, their rafting trip turns into a struggle for survival.

The film was met with positive reviews and generally went well with the American public. It was nominated for an Oscar for several categories.

Documentary movies

In addition to feature films, several documentaries about rafting have been filmed up till now.

Discovery channel - I should not be alive - River of fear

We all know how much fun rafting experience is, on the other hand, we know that it carries certain dangers. Accordingly, it is necessary to take all safety measures. One episode of the Discovery Channel documentary series - I shouldn’t be alive - that shows the experiences of people who lived through extraordinary situations in a very realistic reenactment of the events that took place, shows exactly what you should not be doing during rafting.

The man went completely alone on a one-month rafting trip through the Colorado River. After 27 days without any incidents he encountered the most dangerous rapid on the entire river where his troubles begin. Although he somehow miraculously successfully overcame the rapids, the feeling of success made him relaxed and due to a false sense of security he allowed himself to be too much relaxed. He ran into the rocks, and that was where his fight for life had begun. Listen to his story and learn from his mistakes what you absolutely should not to when going outdoors and when taking the river on. You do not have to be concerned about safety on our rafting tours, just follow these rules.





The great river expedition of Yunnan river

In a remote part of southwest China, the three largest rivers in Asia flow from the plateau in the mountains of Tibet through steep canyons in the Himalayas. This film captures the incredible beauty of the magical journey of a rafting expedition while exploring the upper Mekong River, Salween and Yangtze River.

More than a wild adventure, this two-months expedition is an ambitious partnership of Society for Nature Conservation and the Chinese government in order to protect one of the regions in the world with the greatest wealth of flora and fauna and a diverse culture. Frome the hidden moon gorge in the Mekong river to the high Himalayan walls of Jangce river kanyon, the film shows the scenic landscape of the region. Odyssey of exploration, adventure and environmental protection.

Rafting through Siberia

Altai is a mountainous area in the notorious Russian territory - Siberia. The landscape is filled with dense forests, mighty rivers, great plains, villages, steppes, lakes, glaciers and wide ridges that extend over 2,000 kilometers. One of the three main rivers of the region is Katun river. We already know that rafting is a great group activity that brings people together.

This video documents the collaborative effort of the Russian-American rafting team on the river Katun, a turbulent waterway. It captures some of the spectacular vistas and attractions in the Russian wilderness, and invigorating challenges during the rafting along the Katun River. Anyone who loves rafting or is just curious about the unbridled beauty of the Russian contryside will enjoy watching this film.

Have you watched any of these movies, or maybe we missed your favourite one?

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