Things To Do In Durmitor National Park

Things To Do In Durmitor National Park

Peace, untouched nature, and lots of adventure - you know you are in the right place.

In the following lines, find out what things you can do on Durmitor.

Durmitor National Park is a place for rest and enjoyment, but also an action that will make adrenaline rush through your body and that sometimes forgotten positive energy, due to which serotonin is released, the way puts you in a good mood, satisfied and happy. It is the perfect place for socializing, adventure, and creating memories that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Three things you must try if you decide to visit Durmitor are rafting on the Tara River, Hike Montenegro’s highest peaks  (choose the one that best suits your temperament and physical fitness; they are great for families with children), and canyoning in Nevidio. These are activities you can try if you have decided that your visit to Durmitor will last for three days. If you are ready to indulge in enjoyment for longer, we have more great suggestions and tips on how to make the most of them.

The rich flora and fauna, but also the complexity of the entire ecosystem, the presence of over 1300 species of vascular plants, and a large number of endemic and relict species, made Durmitor gain natural value and become a lasting inspiration to scientists and nature lovers.

Out of a total of 529 world biosphere reserves in 105 countries, the Tara River with its canyon was inscribed in 1977, within the UNESCO MAB program (Man and the Biosphere), in the World Ecological Biosphere Reserve.

If you want rafting, the Tara River, with its 150 kilometers of flow, a bunch of great slopes, and a canyon depth of over 1300 m, offers you an unforgettable experience.

If you decide to visit one of the traditional Durmitor villages such as Mala Crna Gora, Nedajno, or Trsa, at first contact with the locals, you will understand how far their hospitality goes.

If you love nature and paradise, then you will love the northern Montenegrin mountains.

It covers the territory of five Montenegrin municipalities: Zabljak, Savnik, Plužine, Mojkovac and Pljevlja. In the heart of Durmitor lies the town of Zabljak.

This small mountain town has rich natural resources and huge potential when it comes to winter tourism, but still only a small number of tourists decide to spend the cold winter days there. Zabljak has become the number one summer destination due to its untouched nature and the sports activities it can offer.

Guests from the surrounding countries often come on our hiking tours. If you decide to visit us and enjoy hiking, and you come from Sarajevo, you will need to set aside about 3 hours for canyoning tours, about 4 hours for rafting, and much shorter, only 1 hour and 45 minutes for rafting.


The best time to visit Durmitor

Durmitor is a mountain that offers a lot, so there is no "right time" for its visit. Depending on your interests, you can visit Durmitor in both summer and winter.

However, the peak of the season on Durmitor is the summer months, from mid-July to the end of September. The period from May through June is considered before the season. If you want to use all the potential, it is best to choose the summer months when all the trails are open and passable, which are intended for those who like hiking or long walks in nature. Zabljak's winters are harsh and long, and the snow can sometimes last until June. Also, you should always keep in mind the characteristics of extreme climatic conditions, so everyone is recommended to always bring for mountain tours: windbreaker, sweater, hat, scarf, raincoat, boots, backpack, sunglasses, sunscreen.  Even in the hottest summer months, the weather can change unexpectedly and the temperature can drop by 10 or 15 degrees during the night.


How big is Durmitor National Park?

Durmitor National Park is located in the northwest of Montenegro and includes the Durmitor mountain massif and the canyons of Tara, Draga, and Sušica. It covers an area of ​​39,000 hectares. 

It has as many as 48 peaks that are over 2000 meters high; 40 over 2100 meters; 27 over 2200 meters; 18 over 2300 meters; 7 over 2,400 meters; and one peak that reaches a height of 2500 meters, which is also the highest peak of Durmitor-Botov Kuk.

On Durmitor, there are 18 lakes above 1,400 meters above sea level and two lakes above 2,000 meters above sea level.

For lovers of walking, there are 27 marked trails with a total length of over 500 km that permeate almost all parts of Durmitor. Apart from them, there are also 12 unmasked trails as well as 5 canyons, of which the Tara canyon is the most impressive. This picturesque mountain is adorned with 748 natural springs of water, which is a wealth that has no price.

Our mountain is one of the best-marked mountains, so it is not surprising that during the year it is visited by a huge number of tourists who know that enjoying untouched nature is more beneficial than any other sport.

Everyone who comes to Durmitor with a heavy heart is parting from him, so try to take enough time to have the opportunity to meet her in the right way.

Considering how many interesting things, attractions, and challenges there are, you need to set aside at least 3 to 5 days to visit it. Even that can be a short period if you want to go on hiking tours, try hiking, rafting, jeep safaris, etc.



Durmitor National Park Map


Things To Do In Durmitor National Park

These are our favorite local places, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Durmitor National Park. Whether it’s a guided tour of a historic landmark, a private tasting of local titbit, or an off-road adventure — explore the best experiences in Durmitor National Park.


1. Climb Durmitor, Bobotov Kuk: The highest peak in Montenegro

Level: Medium / Hard
Kid-friendly: No (not suitable for children under 12 years)

Durmitor Bobotov Kuk

True adventure lovers, this is a real challenge for you. Conquering the highest peak in Montenegro (2386 m above sea level) is a real adventure. With the support of TaraSport's licensed guides, this will be an experience to remember for a lifetime. Bobotov kuk can be reached in several ways. Most often you will find four paths to the highest peak on the Internet:

  1. Skrčka lakes
  2. Sadlo pass
  3. Dobri Do
  4. Zabljak

Durmitor Bobotov Kuk

The first three trails intersect at Zeleni Vir and all four cross at the last 300m before top and lead to Bobotov kuk.

Those with more strength and energy start from Žabljak, and through the Ice Cave or Lokvica, reach the finish line, this is the most difficult path because pedestrians are around 10-12h

The most demanding tour is from the direction of Dobri Do, after that from Skrčka Lakes and shortest and easiest path is from the Sedlo pass.

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2. Tara Rafting

Level: Easy
Kid-friendly: Yes

Did you know that rafting on Tara river can be performed in the upper part of the canyon and in the lower part of the canyon, also you can do rafting the full length of the river Tara and pass both the upper and lower part of the canyon. There are tree starting position for the upper part are Sljivansko, Zugic Luka and Radovan Luka and the starting point for the lower stream is Brstanovica (near the border crossing Scepan Polje - do not use the Brstanovica pin from google maps because it is wrong).

In the upper part of the Tara canyon we cannot say that rafting is bass in the true sense since the upper course of the Tara River is slower, with fewer rapids and the rapids are much smaller. The advantage of sailing in the upper course of the canyon is that while sailing in a boat you enjoy the natural beauty of the canyon that is breathtaking. 

Brstanovica - place where the fun starts . The lower part of the Tara canyon is the most exciting and most attractive section for rafting. The descent is the last 22 km with 23 rapids. This part of the river is also the border between Montenegro and Bosnia, so you can get to the starting point from both countries. Pretty cool - isn't it? The Tara River whitewater rapid classification system is going from 5- (April and beginning of May) to 3- (September, October). We must mention that the grade of 5-  in April and May does not happen every year (it depends on how fast the snow melts on Durmitor and the amount of precipitation. In 2009, the World Rafting Championship was held in the lower reaches of the Tara River, it is also scheduled for 2022.end of May.

The price of the rafting tour in the lower course is significantly lower because the fees for entering the NP Durmitor / Piva are cheaper than the fees for the upper course. We don't even know the reason why this is so.

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3. Horse Riding

Level: Easy
Kid-friendly: Yes

If you feel tense, sometimes you want to go somewhere and leave everything behind. This is a great story for you.

Horseback riding is done in Trsa, a small mountain village on the slopes of Durmitor, which is 15 km away from the Tara Canyon and 41 km from the center of Zabljak. Here you will be able to enjoy the most beautiful parts of the Durmitor mountain, Piva Lake, Sushica, and the villages of Nedajno, Pisce, and Stara Crna Gora. Each of them is unique in its own way, and their residents are always ready to welcome you in the mood for a glass of good conversation.

This activity is great not only for adventure lovers but also for families, even with small children. The tours take place in beautiful mountain landscapes that make you sigh and simply make you feel relaxed and happy.

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4. Tour to Black Lake

Level: Hard
Kid-friendly: No

Let's start by explaining the most common mistake on the Internet that you can find for this lake. If you want to visit the black lake, you have about 2.5 km of walking from Zabljak, you can also drive about 1 km near the lake and then continue on foot to the lake. The circle around the lake is about 3.5 km and it takes about 1.5 hours of walking to get around just following the forest trail or you can sit in a restaurant and enjoy nature.  Bring a bathing suit because you can swim in this lake, the water is about 4C lower than the air temperature in summer. In other words, the hiking tour as it is most often called is actually a walking tour from Zabljak to the lake and a circle around the lake. 

When we say hiking Black Lake, we actually mean the starting point of a hiking tour from Zabljak to Bobotov Kuk. This hiking tour is extremely strenuous as it takes about 10 hours of walking to the highest peak of Montenegro.

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5. Jeep Safari: Durmitor Ring

Level: Easy
Kid-friendly: Yes


Jeep Safari Durmitor

The Jeep safari tour around the Durmitor ring is one of the best things you can afford for yourself and your family. The tour lasts up to four - five hours, and you do not need any special physical fitness or experience. It is up to you to gather a team that is ready to get to know the landscapes of untouched nature and enjoy all the senses.

The Durmitor Ring stretches for about 90 kilometers, and the tour starts from our outdoor camp. On it, you will see not only untouched nature but also large flocks of sheep, which carelessly graze on the slopes of this magnificent mountain, as well as katuns, where very hospitable people live, who are always ready to welcome you and treat you to real home-made dishes and preparations of various medicinal grasses.

The first stop during the tour is at Crkviko polje, where there is an incredible panoramic view of the canyon of the river Tara (1100m). From there, the journey continues to the authentic village of Nikovići, from where you will enjoy the view of the rivers Sušica and Tara (1365m) and the village of Nedajno, which is located on the edge of the canyon of Sušica. The view from here on the Durmitor mountain is priceless; it is a scene that remains etched in your memory for a long time.

From there, we continue on, descending to Lake Sušica (1000m), which was formed by glacial erosion of water from the river Sušica and belongs to the group of several periodic lakes on Durmitor. This is followed by a drive from the other side of the canyon to the village of Mala Crna Gora, located between the two large canyons of Tara and Sushica (1500), known as a permanent but sparsely populated community in the highest part of the Balkans, above 2000 m.

The next stop is for photography and amazing sightseeing at Veliki Štoc, the highest peak in the Tara Canyon (2104m), followed by Žabljak (1420m), the Balkan city with the highest altitude at 1456m.

In the continuation of our tour, we reach the village of Virak and the top of Stoina (1905m), where we will take a short break for an exceptional panoramic view of the Blue and Wavy Lakes. The next place is Todorov Do, a small village located below the most beautiful peak of Durmitor, Prutaš (2300m).

On this occasion, you will have the opportunity to pass through interesting villages in the beer region, passing large herds of cattle in the village of Pišće (1390m).

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6. Hiking Durmitor

Level: Easy / Medium / Hard
Kid-friendly: Yes / No

Bobotov Kuk (2523 m) is the highest point in Durmitor and the highest point in Montenegro.The ascent to it is possible from several directions: through Sedlo, from Crno lake, from the direction of Skrka lake, and from Dobro-dol. The easiest route is via Sedlo, while the tour across Black Lake is more demanding due to the length of the tour, which lasts about 10 hours. For those who are in better physical condition, it is recommended to climb over Skrčka lake. These tours are shorter but require some physical fitness. In addition to these, there are also easy tours that parents with children can try. This is the perfect way to instill an adventurous spirit and a love for nature in your children from an early age.

Durmitor has as many as 48 peaks located at an altitude of over 2000 meters. There are also 18 mountain eyes, beautiful glacial lakes, 5 canyons, and over 500 km of trails that are designed for walking, jeep riding, hiking, biking, and horseback riding. Bob's hip represents the highest peak of the Durmitor mountain massif, and it is also the highest peak in Montenegro. Climbing to this peak is a real mountaineering challenge, but so is enjoying every new metro, because the nature of happiness is a reward for every effort and pea of ​​sweat. During the tour, experienced mountaineers are with you at all times to make this adventure even more interesting and reveal interesting anecdotes related to this part of the beautiful Durmitor. Since this is one of the most difficult tours that TaraSport has to offer, it is important to know that it requires exceptional physical and mental preparation, as well as experience in hiking, in order to push the challenge to the end.

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7. Via Ferrata

Level: Medium
Kid-friendly: No

Do you like challenges, nature, and want to see what your physical condition is, but you do not have mountaineering experience and you have never even tried to climb a rock? Don't worry, now you can enjoy all the magic of hiking because there is now a Via Ferrata.

Wondering what Via Ferrata is? Via Ferrata is a safe hiking trail designed for people who have never climbed a real mountain cliff before. They are suitable for people who have average physical fitness and who do not play sports professionally. This adventure will help you experience a full dose of adrenaline and relax because you know that you are completely safe. Wedges, cables, ladders, and bridges help you throughout the climb. This type of sport is becoming more and more popular all over the world.

Via Ferrata is included in the world map of Via Ferrata. The Ferrata is located on the rock of Uvita Greda, which is a 10-minute walk from the Saddle, in the heart of Durmitor National Park.

The Ferrata starts at an altitude of 2000 m and ends at 2198 m. From the rock of Uvita Greda, you can see a large number of peaks of the mountain massif Durmitor, as well as the mountains Vojnik, Skoi djevojka, etc. This whole area is dotted with numerous animals, among which are the most numerous herds of wild goats, whose natural habitat this is.

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8. Dobrilovina Monastery

Level: Yes
Kid-friendly: Yes

Photographer: Florent MECHAIN/

In the Durmitor National Park, there are a large number of cultural and historical assets. Dobrilovina Monastery is located on the banks of the Tara River and is a Serbian Orthodox monastery. The monastery is dedicated to St. George and dates from the period of Nemanjić, and its appearance resembles the Morača monastery. Set in lush greenery, the church has been abandoned, looted, rebuilt, abandoned, and rebuilt several times. The frescoes were completed by 1613. The monastery was an important cultural center during the 18th and 19th centuries, but it was neglected during the Second World War. Its renovation began in 1989, and that is what you will see now. It is very likely that it is the only Orthodox monastery in the Balkans that has a wooden bell tower. In front of the monastery, there is a parking lot for cars. What is important to know is that you must be properly trained to enter the monastery. Bare feet and t-shirts on the brothers are not allowed. If you do not have the necessary clothes, the nun will give them to you when you enter the monastery. There is a board in the parking lot with a short history of the monastery and Dobrilovina. The entrance to the monastery is not paid, but it is customary to leave a contribution in a box next to the icon of the saint.


9. Mountain Biking

Level: Yes
Kid-friendly: Yes

When nature and man are connected, magic happens. This is exactly what awaits you if you decide to visit the Durmitor National Park and enjoy all the charms it offers you. One of them is definitely cycling through beautiful mountainous landscapes. Exciting bicycle tours are not physically very demanding, but they are suitable for nature lovers and all those who want to play sports recreationally. If you decide to come to TaraSport camp, this can be one of the activities that will complete your stay and make it remain in your fondest memory.

The Durmitor biking adventure starts in the early morning hours after a rich mountain breakfast. Half an hour's drive away is the beautiful village, Crkvicko polje, which is located 1100 meters above sea level above the canyons of Piva and Tara. From this point, an exciting biking tour starts through beautiful untouched nature and dense beech forest. Then we pass through the villages of Nikovići, Kneževići, and Nedajno. We take a short break in the ethno village of Milogora, in the village of Trsa. Then we return, 12 km of authentic mountain and forest trails, and then we descend again to Crkvičko polje. If you get tired and want to rest or continue the tour without a bike, there is a vehicle that is provided for such situations. Sit back and enjoy the rest of the tour.

A mountain bike tour through NP Sutjeska will definitely make you fall in love with nature and biking.

NP Sutjeska is located on the border of Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Montenegro, and more than half of this beautiful park is covered with forest. If you love cycling, this tour could be a fantastic experience for you. Depending on the path you choose, this can be a way to relax or prove to yourself how physically and mentally ready you are for active sports.

The cycling adventure begins after 30 minutes of driving from the heart of Sutjeska, from Tjentiste. Across Milin Klada, on an asphalt path, we climb Zelengora, along with the pearl of the Sutjeska National Park, the beautiful wild canyon of the Hravka River.

After a short vacation and enjoying the beautiful nature, return to the same path to our camp, where a real homemade mountain lunch awaits you. This is the end of the tour, and you will surely be delighted and full of positive impressions.

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10. Djurdjevica Tara Bridge

Level: Yes
Kid-friendly: Yes

The imposing concrete bridge on the Tara River, known as the Djurdjevica Bridge, is one of the main attractions of the Durmitor National Park. It is located above the largest canyon in Montenegro, above the canyon of the river Tara, at the crossroads between Mojkovac, Zabljak, and Pljevlja. It was named after a farm located in the immediate vicinity of this building. The bridge itself is 365 meters long and has five arches. The length of the largest span is 116 meters, and the height of the bridge itself is 172 meters. At the time it was built, this was the largest concrete arch bridge in Europe that you could cross by car. From there, you can go down the Tara River in kayaks or rubber boats, and from the bridge itself, you can enjoy the amazing view of the clear and fast bluish-green water of the wild Tara River.

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11. Zminje Lake

Level: Easy
Kid-friendly: Yes

Lake Zminje is located in the heart of a deep forest, where we hear the call of nature, tireless crickets singing a song many times, the noise and the murmur of water, and lonely birds watching the rare tourists who decide to visit it. The altitude at which the lake is located exceeds 1500 meters, and the greatest depth of the lake itself is 7.7 meters. This lake receives water from two nearby springs as well as from melting snow, so the water in it is very cold, regardless of the season. Its lush green color captivates the eye of the beholder, and due to its purity, it has very lush flora and fauna. The road to the lake is not demanding, so it is ideal for all lovers of long walks through nature. You do not need special clothes and equipment for this walk, as well as strong physical readiness. Due to all that, it is also suitable for families with children.

If you stay more than a few days on Durmitor, you should visit this lake. It can be reached by car to a certain part where there is a parking lot that costs 2 euros. After that, there is a walk that is not demanding, so children can also enjoy it. At the lake, there are several benches where you can enjoy the beautiful nature and wonderful clean air.

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12. Canyoning Nevidio

Level: Medium
Kid-friendly: Yes

Canyon Nevidio Canyon is one of the most attractive natural wonders in this part of the world. It is so deep that the sun almost never reaches its bottom. Sharp edges, walls that are almost at right angles, whirlpools through which a wild river flows. However, for those who want adrenaline, TaraSport organizes canyoning even in the narrowest parts of the Komarnica river. 

The water in the canyon is cold, so appropriate equipment is needed, such as 5 mm neoprene suits, neo-boots, a vest, and a helmet. The advice is to bring some energy plates in a waterproof bag, a bottle of water, and some fruit.

The canyon is not entered without a guide. When you embark on an adventure, there is no way to stop it, but you have to go through the whole canyon to get out of it. The passage through the canyon takes about 3 hours for smaller groups, and the advice is to go in smaller groups or to divide a larger group and have each of them have their own guide. Groups usually have eight people.

What is important to know is that, after leaving the canyon, you have to walk for about 45 minutes to get to the restaurant or your car. When all this is taken into account, it is clear that this is a tour that is intended for physically fit and active people.

With the guidance of safe, experienced, and licensed guides, but also your will, tirelessness, and physical readiness, this will be one of the strongest adventures of your life. This is an opportunity to enjoy a combination of sports and fun.

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13. Planinica

Level: Hard
Kid-friendly: No

Planinica is one of the highest peaks of the Durmitor mountain range. Although it requires exceptional physical fitness and the experience of a mountaineer, what follows after you reach your goal? You will have the opportunity to enjoy the amazing views of untouched nature. On the way to the top, there is the already mentioned Zminje Lake. The ascent to Planinica can take several hours, and you need to be in good condition and have endurance. Still, it’s a lot easier than climbing Bobotov kuk. When you climb to the very top, you can see Bezimeni Vrh and Bobotov Kuk.

The mountain is one of the highest peaks of the Durmitor mountain range. Although it requires exceptional physical fitness and experience from the climber, what follows after you reach your goal? You will have the opportunity to enjoy the amazing views of untouched nature. On the way to the top, there is the already mentioned Zminje Lake. The ascent to Planinica can take several hours, and you need to be in good condition and have endurance. Still, it’s a lot easier than climbing Bob’s hip. When you climb to the very top, you can see Bezimeni Vrh and Bobotov Kuk.


14. Savin Kuk Ski Resort

Level: Easy
Kid-friendly: Yes

The ski center of Bobov Kuk Zabljak is one of the most famous in Montenegro and also the region. It is a place where the snow stays for up to 120 days a year. Savin Kuk Ski Center is only five kilometers from the city center. Its highest point is at an altitude of 2020 meters above sea level. The height difference reaches up to 700 meters. The ski center is equipped with two double ski lifts, almost five kilometers long, which can accommodate up to 3,000 skiers.

The ski resort is old-built, but it's great if you want to spend, say, a weekend there. It can't be compared to French or Italian ski resorts, but if you like exploring wildlife and hiking, it could be the perfect choice for you.

Prices are also affordable. Of course, halfway can be reached by ski lift; from Zabljak to Savina Kuk can be reached in 10 minutes, and the price is about 5 euros per person. Non-budget elevators are cheaper; the price starts at 15 euros a day, but you should keep in mind that they are quite old.

The resort is considered to be 70% wild and untouched.Not many people enter it, and those who come are mostly Montenegrins from coastal cities. There are two restaurants and a bar on Savina Kuk. Everything is very tasty. In it, you can try local Nikšić beer and homemade plum brandy for 5+. In general, the resort is decent, but you should not expect too much.