Trebinje - the most beautiful city in Herzegovina

trebinje najlepši grad hercegovine

Trebinje - the most beautiful city in Herzegovina

Trebinje is a city located in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a part of the entity of Republika Srpska. Also, it is among the lesser-known regions of Herzegovina. Because of the Mediterranean climate here, Trebinje has around 260 sunny days, warm summers and mild winters, making it one of the warmest towns in Bosnia. It has a distinctive geolocation, which sets Trebinje up as an excellent base to explore the surrounding area. One way to do it is to book our Tarasport Trebinje excursion, but let's go step by step. Here are the reasons why Trebinje is so important.

More famous towns - Dubrovnik and Herceg Novi - are located nearby. Just 30 and 40 km away. Kotor bay is also an hours drive away. Other interesting areas include Mostar and Medjugorje.

Trebinje is surrounded with water, there are lakes, rivers and the sea. Because of those waters it has significant hydro potential and plenty of natural riches. Cultural and historical heritage of this town is very impressive. There are 88 monuments protected by the state.

Developed infrastructure is a tremendous benefit to all visitors. There are 4 airports within a radius of 100 km. All of these advantages have contributed to recognition of Trebinje and Herzegovina region as a great place for tourists.

Rich flora

Favorable climate and relief made this region suitable for production of excellent wine. Trebinje and the whole region are now recognized as a growing wine tourism destination. What makes this region stand out among other famous wine regions such as: Napa Valley, Bordeaux and Tuscany is that this is the only one that has the word wine in the name - Herzegowina.

Besides wine, this region is famous as a natural herbarium. Dozens of precious herbs are being grown here. This makes for an unbelievably tasty and healthy honey.


What to do in Trebinje

Trebinje has a lot of cards in her sleeves. Whether you like walking, hiking, swimming, eating or sightseeing. Everyone can find something of their interest here.

Go for an adventure

If you are a fan of the wilderness, and enjoy running, hiking, biking or some othere extreme sports, you are in the right place! There are plenty of hills and mountains in the vicinity of Trebinje. Are you a true adrenaline seeker? Then look no further just check out our Mix Day Tours which are a mix nature adventure and relaxed time on our excursions  The unhindered natural beauty combined with exciting tours will leave you breathless.

Visit the local market

There is an old saying that goes: Health enters through the mouth. And which place is more equiped with healthy foods than the local market. It is located in the city center. Altough it is open every day, the most excitement is in the weekend. On Saturday, all the people from nearby villages come here to sell their products. You can find a lot of Herzegovinian specialties, such as herbs, fruits, honey, cheese.



Walk around the town

Discover the architectural beauty from the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman periods in the unique townscape of Trebinje city center. Get to know all the historical, cultural and natural monuments with a leisure stroll.

Picturesque Arslanagic Bridge is the town's trademark. There is no way you can miss it. Just walk along the river Trebišnjica. The bridge was constructed in the 16th century by Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic. They submerged it during the time of construction of hydroelectric power plants on the river. Later on, it was brought stone by stone to be reinstalled where it stands now.

trebinje grad


Visit City Park when you need to take a break. Enjoy in the greenery and look for the statue of the poet Jovan Ducic. It is located near the entrance of the park.

Another point of interest should be Herzegovinian Gracanica. It was build to honor the poet Jovan Ducic, where he rests. Since it is on a hill above Trebinje, you can get a beatiful view of the city there. Wait for the sunset to get that full romantic effect.

Discover this hidden Bosnian gem and indulge yourself for an authentic experience.

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